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Aeris Intelligent IoT Network

Enabling intelligent-driven IoT applications and programs


The Aeris intelligent IoT network is built from the ground up, delivering simplified operations and superior end-user experiences. With integrated intelligence and leveraging modern cloud platforms with microservices, the Aeris network helps companies launch, scale, and expand IoT solutions globally while maximizing productivity and minimizing resources.

In today’s hyper-connected world, companies building IoT solutions are inundated with complexities. The rapid adoption of IoT devices, expansion of the security attack surface, increasing customer expectations, and the staggering amount of data present growing challenges that companies need to overcome. To address these challenges successfully and meet expectations on evertighter budgets, IoT solution providers must turn to a connectivity partner that leverages intelligence as an integrated component of an IoT network.

Build Resilient IoT Solutions

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network leverages decades of experience and metadata from 15 million connected devices to extract insights and help drive automation at scale for IoT programs. With integrated intelligence, we apply problem-solving ML techniques to the right data set with proper depth and breadth, enabling you to identify baselines, detect trends, anticipate problems before they occur, and apply prescriptive recommendations.

This approach also enables the network to recognize behavioral device patterns, diagnose causes, and prescribe responses to improve connectivity, security, business performance, and customer satisfaction while unburdening your valuable resources.

Innovating on a cloud-native, microservices architecture, the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network further delivers on requirements for scale and resiliency. So whether you have several hundred IoT devices in one location or millions of devices deployed globally, the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network will simplify operational complexities and empower you to deliver a superior end-user experience.

Streamline IoT Network Operations

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network eliminates the inefficiencies of deploying IoT solutions on fragmented and disjointed networks. It starts with our broad coverage that brings together 600 global carriers, covering more than 98% of the U.S. and 190 other countries.

Using this combined coverage, you can readily deploy IoT devices anywhere globally. Because of the integrated intelligence within our IoT network, we can tailor steering at global, local, and device levels. So in regions where the carrier landscape is complex, we can control carrier preferences to meet your needs for either signal strength or cost; we can block non-preferred networks or avoid congested networks. If a device is fixed in a dead zone, we can update the configuration for just that device to select a different network. This level of control allows us to optimize connectivity that delivers a superior end-user experience for your IoT solutions.

Simplify Global Deployments & Operations

But that’s not all. The Aeris Intelligent eSIM further simplifies deployments and supply chain operations globally.

The Aeris Intelligent eSIM is a global eSIM solution equipped with multiple carrier profiles and location-aware capabilities. The location-aware intelligence automatically selects the best-suited carrier profile for a device’s deployment location. This way, you will have one SIM part number that is common across the hundreds of thousands of devices you deploy globally.

Reduce Risk of Security Breaches

IoT assets continually face growing threats, including SIM theft, SIM swaps, unauthorized endpoint communication, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The complex networks of interconnected devices continue to expand the attack surface.

Aeris offers a holistic security approach to prevent, detect, and respond to risks, allowing you to stay one step ahead of potential threats and safeguard your devices and data. We monitor and offer deep forensics capabilities and actionable alerts by applying advanced analytics on network traffic to assess device behaviors globally.

The amount of data being sent per transaction per device, the aggregate data volume across all connected devices, source and destination endpoints, and the number of DNS queries are some of the metrics we provide to give you a baseline of normal device behavior and indicators of potential compromise.

Continuous real-time traffic monitoring of the network combined with advanced IoT device behavior analysis lets you rapidly detect security issues and breaches in your cellular IoT devices with minimal human resources.

You can now quickly gain visibility into the device and the network behavior to identify vulnerabilities that bolt-on security tools alone cannot find.

Take Business Performance to the Next Level

Performance management is about helping you stay flexible to extract the most value out of your IoT solutions. So no matter how the IoT solution scales or expands globally, the flexibility in our offering allows you to adapt with agility against changing business or market conditions.

Once your devices have been activated, we provide active cost controls throughout the entire device lifecycle. You can configure alerts to notify you in near real-time if a device uses more data than allowed.

With mid-cycle rate plans enabled, you can change rate plans mid-month to apply new rate plans on a going-forward basis. This gives you more flexibility to optimize costs mid-month and prevent material overages.

With granular visibility and control over usage and billing transactions, you practically have unlimited flexibility throughout the lifecycle of an IoT program. You can configure multiple rate plans, map cost structures to your business model, or block high-cost carriers at any time.

Leap Over Complexities and Challenges

When your main focus is to provide an excellent experience for your customers, the last thing that should ever get in your way is connectivity. But unfortunately, it can. Because complex networks of interconnected devices and software systems experience issues end to end — not just coverage gaps but issues with device configuration files, VPNs, applications, etc.

These issues grow in frequency and impact as you scale your deployment and the IoT solution becomes more critical to your customers who use your devices. IoT network intelligence is the foundation for delivering customizable business support solutions, a full suite of automation tool kits, and an extensive API library to eliminate complexities.

Whether trying to supplement in-house resources, improve customer experiences, or navigate growth complexities, you have access to the best tools and resources — all designed based on our own experience of owning and managing core cellular network equipment.

Key Features

Streamline IoT Network Operations

  • Global coverage with 600 networks across 190 countries
  • eSIM with location-aware technology
  • 98% coverage across the USA
  • Combined coverage across 3 of 4 LTE-M Networks in the USA
  • Rural LTE in the USA
  • Ability to steer traffic and block networks or regions
  • Mobile originated and terminated voice and SMS support
  • Temporary Local Dialable Number (TLDN)

Security Management

  • Device/Address Blocking
  • Secure cloud interconnect and VPN
  • Indicators of Compromise and deep forensics
  • Security Risk Score
  • Programmable, rules-based Alerts
  • Standard and private APN
  • ConnectionLockTM, virtual firewall to lock device communication to specific endpoints
  • Cloud Connect, private network to deliver traffic directly into your environment

Standard SIMs

  • Form factors: Standard (2FF), Micro (3FF), Nano (4FF)
  • Temperature range: -13°F to +185°F (-25°C to +85°C)
  • Java Card: 3.0.5
  • Java API: UICC and USAT

Cost & Business Performance Management

  • Custom rate plans and rate plan pooling
  • Mid-Cycle rate plan (MCRP)
  • End-Cycle rate plan (ECRP)
  • Single payment option (PREPAID)
  • Hierarchical account management
  • Enhanced utilization reports
  • Global billing zones
  • Device provisioning and suspension

Support Management

  • 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • API access to all functionalities and secure API keys
  • Ava virtual assistant
  • Platform onboarding and training
  • Configuration to backend systems
  • Monthly KPI reports and operations reviews
  • 99.95% service level agreements
  • Account customization

Industrial SIMs

  • Form factors: Standard (2FF) , Micro (3FF), Nano (4FF),
  • Embedded (MFF2)
  • Temperature range: -40°F to +221°F (-40°C to +105°C)
  • Built-in hardware AES
  • Java Card: 3.0.5
  • Java API: UICC and USAT

Customer Success Story Snapshots

Runaway Devices

0.5 million runaway devices were causing overages due to a bug seeking information repeatedly from a non-responsive third-party site.

Our forensics on the device-cloud interactions isolated root cause quickly, saving millions.

Timely Launch

Tracking service with 1.7 million devices supported by a direct MNO provider had a connectivity performance issue that the MNO could not troubleshoot.

Applying advanced data analytics on cell-tower interaction information, we identified the issue of receiving sensitivity thresholds set too low on their modules. Recommended settings fixed the problem, enabling a timely launch.

Lower TCO

An off-grid solar provider in Africa used a basic MVNO plan with a low-cost roaming model, making it difficult for devices to connect.

Reduced TCO by 50% and grew deployment from 10k to 100k devices with Aeris performance-optimized coverage and device configuration consulting.

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