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Axon Case Study

Axon Telematics Launches New Self-Install Telematics Solution in Record Time with Aeris

To quickly adapt to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Axon Telematics, a leading supplier of high-quality telematics solutions, needed to bring a self-install usage-based insurance (UBI) solution to market in a very short timeframe. With help from Aeris, Axon was able to deploy a stellar product that reliably collected driver behavior data for the insurer in near-real time, regardless of vehicle location, and provided turnkey self-activation and self installation experience for the policyholder — in less than two weeks from contract signing.

Requirements for a Rapid New Product Launch

Having already partnered with Aeris on a prior project, Axon knew Aeris offered the perfect mix of technology and expertise to help them respond quickly to their unexpected opportunity.

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Rapid Launch

Aeris’ APIs, which enable automatic provisioning, activation, deactivation, and suspension of SIMs throughout their lifecycle, enabled Axon to rapidly deploy a turnkey product that end users could install on their own, without needing to interact with a technician. Aeris’ white-glove onboarding support included device configuration and testing assistance, enabling Axon to launch in a matter of weeks.

Superior Coverage

Aeris’ performance-optimized multi-carrier coverage eliminates reliance on a single network provider, ensuring near real-time transmission of data regardless of device location. Axon can be confident that policyholders will be able to easily register and activate their devices wherever they are.

Attractive Cost Structure

Aeris’ pay-as-you-go plan removed the financial risk of overages for Axon—they wouldn’t have to pay for data their customers don’t use. A flexible payment plan made it faster for Axon to gain internal approval and quickly launch their solution.

“With Aeris, all of our services are managed in-house, ensuring we can maintain quality from provisioning, installation, operational management, and end of life process— something we really struggled to do with our previous supplier.”

Matthew Wilcox, Chief Technology Officer, Axon Telematics

Looking to the Future

Axon knew it was crucial to select a connectivity provider who would not just help them launch quickly, but would continue to be a partner after deployment.

Based on their prior experience with Aeris, Axon felt confident in expanding their partnership.

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network provides performance-optimized coverage from 600 carriers in 190 countries and end-to-end visibility and control over Axon’s entire connected operation, enabling Axon to deliver superior quality of service to its customers while optimizing costs across their business


On an ongoing basis, Intelligent IoT Network will provide Axon with:

Improved Quality of Service:

Aeris’ automated monitoring of device connection status and remote diagnostic tools will enable Axon to proactively detect and address any potential issues, ensuring the highest possible quality of service for both the insurer and its policyholders.

Increased Profitability:

The pay-as-you-go rate plan that helped Axon secure quick approval for the project will also continue to pay dividends for years to come. Axon only pays for data that is used, reducing their underlying costs and enabling them to offer more attractive cost structures to their insurance customers.

Future Growth Potential:

The broad coverage offered by Intelligent IoT Network ensures that not only can Axon’s new solution be confidently deployed today, but expanded in the future as new opportunities


About Axon Telematics

Axon Telematics focuses on supplying high-quality data enrichment, data quality metrics, flexible reporting and driver scoring to the insurance industry. Headquartered in London, Axon uses their extensive experience and cutting edge data processing platform to build bespoke solutions for insurers and other automotive related businesses to provide realtime insights.

Aeris is a Trusted Business Partner

Aeris has been one of the early pioneers to help businesses around the world successfully monetize and scale their IoT programs.

We are 100% committed to partnering with you to bring the honest perspective needed to help you reach the business goals. With 30 years of experience, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Regardless of where you are on your IoT journey, your business will change over time. That is why we offer extra features and support options to address your unique set of requirements.