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Foresolutions Reduces Operational Costs with Performance-Optimised Multi-Carrier Coverage & Remote Issue Diagnosis

Foresolutions, a provider of tracking solutions to a variety of different sectors, leveraged the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network™ to serve the needs of their customers in the pharmaceutical sector. Intelligent IoT Network makes it possible for Foresolutions to consistently track the location and temperature of vital medical supplies in real-time, as they are transported throughout Europe.


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Results with Aeris

Performance Management

Maximum Performance

Intelligent IoT Network eliminated reliance on a single network provider, ensuring uninterrupted visibility as tracked assets move across different territories.

Lower Operational Costs

Intelligent IoT Network’s automated solution monitoring and near real-time alerts significantly reduced the amount of time and resources needed to manage and monitor device connectivity.

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Cost-effective SIM Management

Intelligent IoT Network provided end-to-end visibility into and control over SIMs throughout their entire lifecycle, allowing Foresolutions to easily control costs, streamline operations and provide turnkey service by automatically activating and deactivating SIMs as devices come in and out of operation.

“Foresolutions’ customers who operate in the pharmaceutical sector transport vital medical products throughout Europe, and it is critical that all of these assets are tracked with zero downtime. With Aeris, we have found a partner who delivers that network reliability, regardless of geography.”

Nathan Williams, Technical Sales Director, Foresolutions


To accurately track to assets in transport, Foresolutions requires consistent, reliable connectivity across multiple geographies.

To detect anomalies and prevent costly overages, Foresolutions’ requires complete visibility into the connection status and history of each device.

Historically, Foresolutions had endured regular network outages (often triggered by network maintenance), which interrupted visibility into asset location and temperature, creating uncertainty with regards to the health of assets in transport.

Foresolutions’ Challenge

Poor network connectivity and the challenge of tracking assets across different geographies.

For businesses transporting priority assets across numerous borders, having a reliable connectivity partner is essential to ensure the security and safety of those assets. Foresolutions’ customers operating in the pharmaceutical sector are no exception.

With an extensive customer base depending on reliable connectivity to ensure critical medications are tracked and monitored in real-time, network downtime and inconsistent connectivity presented significant challenges for Foresoultions. The company needed a connectivity provider who could ensure consistent, reliable coverage across multiple geographies at fully optimised costs.

Beyond a superior coverage footprint, Foresolutions’ also required automated tools that would allow them to easily provision, activate, and deactivate SIMs throughout their entire lifecycle; automatically detect device connectivity issues or unusual data consumption; and block service to devices behaving abnormally.

Beyond unreliable coverage, Foresolutions’ previous connectivity provider offered only limited visibility into device behaviour, allowing data overages to go undetected and racking up unnecessary connectivity costs.

Why Foresolutions Chose Aeris

Network reliability for precise tracking and monitoring of all connected devices.

With the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network, connectivity is never an issue. Switching networks if the signal strength drops below a defined threshold when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network is among Intelligent IoT Network’s key attributes. This ensures that there is no downtime or loss of signal so that Foresolutions’ customers always have visibility into the location and temperature of pharmaceutical assets.

Network reliability, regardless of geography was a key prerequisite for Nathan Williams, Technical Sales Director at Foresolutions: “With Aeris, we have found a partner who delivers network reliability, regardless of geography. We can also hold SIMs without charge, as we receive notifications in the event of over usage and can switch billing on and off as required.”


Lower operational costs with features to optimise costs throughout the entire device lifecycle.

Since Aeris develops, owns, and operates its own core network, which controls all device/network interactions, Aeris is able to provide end-to-end visibility into and control over the behaviour of all devices on the network. Intelligent IoT Network provides a single-pane-of-glass view into the connection status and history of all of Foresolutions’ devices―regardless of the carriers or technologies to which they are connected—and provides automated solution monitoring with real-time alerts to help Foresolutions rapidly detect, diagnose, and respond to issues anywhere in their end-to-end system. Finally, Intelligent IoT Network also makes it possible for Foresolutions to easily, automatically activate and deactivate SIMs as they come in and out of operation, simplifying connectivity management and reducing costs.


“With the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network, we have visibility into all of our SIMs and their data usage and can make adjustments at a moment’s notice. In addition, we can monitor multiple devices’ consumption levels and traffic patterns, and diagnose and resolve anomalies or issues, all in one clear, concise tool. The support that we have received from Aeris has been exemplary.”

Nathan Williams, Technical Sales Director, Foresolutions

About Foresolutions

Located on the south coast of England and servicing a national network of customers in a variety of sectors, Foresolutions helps business operations professionals who want better results from investment in the communications and tracking technology they use to improve business performance. Foresolutions provides a complete communications solution focusing on cost-effective and performance-generating solutions from mobile phones, IoT & GPS Tracking, and 2-way radio communications.

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