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IoT connected
vehicle platform

Drive your brand into the future on the world’s most intelligent connected vehicle platform.

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Minimize risks, maximize value, and get to market—fast.

Go from zero-to-market in three-to-six months.

Imagine your next line of vehicles.

What do you see?

Vehicle sharing?
In-vehicle streaming?
Autonomous driving?

As a visionary vehicle designer, you anticipate what drivers’ want and offer them an experience they never realized they needed. Once they have it, they feel like they could never live without it. You explore what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of tomorrow’s next vehicle— one that completely disrupts the market and exceeds drivers’ expectations.

Make tomorrow happen with an IoT connected vehicle platform

You have the vision. We have the connected vehicle platform to bring your vision to market faster than ever before.

Today, our groundbreaking technology scales to tens of millions of new vehicles per year. Start building your blueprint. Connect with one of our solution architects today.



Become the preeminent
name in telematics

Accelerate into the future of connected vehicles.

Strategize with our client success strategist, and learn how you can win the race to a connected vehicle future.


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Win the race

Get a state-of-the-art connected vehicle program to market in less than six months.

Build customer loyalty

Upgrade your existing connected vehicle infrastructure. Achieve a 5x improvement in customer experience.

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Lead the market with new applications

Keep app offerings fresh with a platform that can deploy your latest offerings in less than 90 days—as fast as you can innovate.

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Measure success

Connect your vehicles with precision. Keep track of your project’s progress on an intelligent connected vehicle platform. Stay ahead of your goals and ahead of the market.


“Aeris delivered the industry-leading know-how and telematics necessary to allow MITSUBISHI CONNECT to provide safety, security, and connectivity behind the wheel of the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.”

Don Swearingen, EVP, COO – MMNA

Protect your IoT investment
and scale profitability

Monetize your IoT connected vehicle services.

Rapidly scale and enhance your service portfolio with confidence with our IoT connected vehicle platform. Leverage capsule architecture to support millions of vehicles and monetization priorities.

Capitalize on car subscriptions

Establish sustainable revenue streams through your connected vehicle platform.

A Icon Increase Data Monetization From Driver Data

Increase data monetization from driver data

Learn what IoT features drivers use the most and how your vehicles are performing. Share data with app developers, fleet providers, and car rental companies.

Secure and manage your connected vehicles

Stay on top of security and updates with an intelligent automated connected vehicle platform.

Create captivating, elegant connected vehicles

Let the combined know-how of your automotive experts and our telematics innovators unleash breakthrough IoT offerings that capture the imagination of drivers and put you ahead of the competition.

Engineer your IoT future with our IoT connected vehicle platform.



Streamline management with your IoT connected vehicle platform

Keep your data secure, your operations uninterrupted, and your customers satisfied.

Connected car deployments succeed when you have awareness of operations and support when you need it most. Get a consolidated, layered view of your connected vehicles and receive unparalleled alerts, data collection reports, and troubleshooting assistance.

Join an all-purpose, intelligent connected vehicle platform that puts you in control of security updates, data usage monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, and more—all in one solution scaled to meet your needs.


Stay Connected with the latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


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Move into the future with our IoT connected vehicle platform

Build your connected solution with an intelligent connected vehicle platform service.


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