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IoT optimization: Improving an existing IoT program

Take your IoT deployments to the next generation with the latest connectivity management platform.

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Stay ahead of the game with groundbreaking, flexible cellular IoT solutions

New technologies are on the way. Are you ready?

Does your IoT deployment match your vision? Are you confident in your plan for expansion, or does your growth feel hindered? Has your past IoT experience prepared you for new challenges as you grow?

No matter what stage your deployment is in, you deserve the benefit of an experienced partner with the technology to help you strategize and adapt while you maintain flexible, secure control over your data and new technology. Scaling is easier with the help of leading IoT experts who guide you to use your resources intelligently as you shepherd your system across technological chasms.


Control costs and scale for the future with IoT optimization

Invest wisely in IoT.

Use intelligent data collection to expand the capability of every device and see which modules are obsolete. When you upgrade to a cost-effective IoT connectivity management platform, you’ll also have access to expertise to manage costs and avoid potential pitfalls at each stage of the process.

Connectivity billing

Bill with ease

You need tangible billing solutions as you expand into new global markets. A multitude of networks and channels can be simplified with a one-stop solution that saves you time, costs, and labor.

Get your money’s worth

Introduce something entirely new and deliver measurable ROI to your enterprise with an intelligent IoT deployment strategy.

Get connectivity for IoT deployments of any size

Scale matters. A little support can break through the constraints of your current deployment or introduce something entirely new to your industry.

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Connect your brand to your customers

Smooth adjustments to technology make for happier customers. Make each customer feel supported as your technology expands and evolves.

Secure your IoT program. Mission-critical data needs protection.

Protect your deployment as you grow. Securing your existing IoT program keeps you and your customers’ data safe.

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Prevent attacks

Find the proper balance between device isolation and connection so that hackers cannot easily breach your deployment. Whitelist devices so that they are only allowed to transmit data to the appropriate application servers.

Detect anomalies and vulnerabilities

Choose an intelligent network that issues alerts when unrecognized transmission patterns are detected to notify you of any unusual activity.

A Icon Alerts And Actions In Near Real Time

Respond to breaches

Remove or suspend compromised devices. Block transmissions from unauthorized applications. Rapidly block devices and suspicious transmissions in the event of a security breach. Protect your deployment.


Take action. Build on your IoT program with IoT optimization

Get ahead of your competition by looking to the future.

A lot is changing in IoT. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M have set new standards for wireless networking. 2G and 3G standards are mothballed.

Are you excited by the capabilities and developments of your IoT devices but concerned about lack of coverage, stability, or connectivity options? Connect with a partner that sees new possibilities within your existing products and how best to support them. If you’re ready to start a new chapter in your existing IoT program’s story, we’re here to help you write it.

At Aeris, we can help you with all aspects of improving an existing IoT program.


Stay connected with the latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


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