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Driving Transformation Around the Globe

With its history of intelligent innovation, a security-first mindset, and a growing ecosystem of global partners, the new Aeris is a leader in driving the successful, sustainable growth of both the IoT and Connected Vehicle markets.

Bringing the Best of Both Together

We are driving better outcomes in IoT by adding IoT Accelerator and Connected Vehicle Cloud. IoT and Connected Vehicle deployments can be incredibly rigid and less adaptable to the changing needs of an Enterprise. We are bringing experts and technologies together to provide the connectivity and innovations to build the most intelligent, agile, secure, and flexible IoT and Connected Vehicle programs.




Scale IoT Anywhere and Everywhere

At the core of every successful global IoT program is the ability to connect where you need to. Aeris’ network of partners now includes Communication Services Providers across the world, bringing cellular coverage to wherever connected things operate.

Global Partner Network

Working with our extensive global partner network –  with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Aeris enables intelligent digital transformations for enterprises in every corner of the world.

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Paving the Way by Doing Things Differently

One of our favorite mottos at Aeris is, “We do things differently.” As an IoT pioneer in an industry poised to reshape every sector of the global economy, innovation will always be the key to our success and it’s reflected in everything we do: from product design to corporate wellness.

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Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

For more information on the new Aeris, visit our news section or Resource Hub.


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