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IoT for LTE-M

LTE-M is the preferred technology for your low- to mid-bandwidth IoT device communication.

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Improve IoT business models for operational efficiency and cost

Do more with less.

Get more value from your IoT programs with LTE-M (aka LTE Cat-M1), a bi-directional standards-based protocol. This low-power, wide-area technology gives you coverage inside and out, while extending battery life, reducing transport costs, and optimizing inexpensive radio modules.

Aeris LTE-M takes LTE-M further. Our dynamic, software-driven network continuously evolves, adding new capabilities and giving you better security. Tap into greater intelligence without disrupting your growth strategy with Aeris IoT LTE-M.


Beyond cost-effective: Intelligent, secure, and reliable connectivity

Designed to optimize for your IoT LTE-M needs.

Improve connectivity reach

Aeris customer-optimized coverage with access to lower MHz channels available, better indoor and underground penetration, LTE-M extends coverage in rural areas.

Reduce module cost

Gain up to 50% reduction in module costs over comparable IoT devices.

Extend battery life

Expect up to 10x improvement in battery longevity with access to power-saving mode and Aeris optimal coverage to minimize battery drain.

Improve IoT security

Access security and privacy features available to LTE mobile networks with an overlay of Aeris functionalities for increased data access and security.

Worry-free transition for your low-bandwidth IoT applications

Overcome poor performance and cost complexities.

We’ve designed our IoT LTE-M offering to help you overcome common connectivity challenges and set the bar for the quality of service in your industry.


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Get multi-carrier coverage with control over coverage at network and device levels.

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Battery longevity

Extend battery life by up to 25% with optimized network configurations.

Analytics dashboard

Lifecycle management

Use a single portal to streamline connectivity management globally.

Prepare your business for the future

Our team is equipped with the tools needed to help you transform your business and help you reduce your TCO by up to 50%.


eSIM for global IoT connectivity

Enjoy global connectivity that lasts the lifetime of your IoT devices with one eSIM.

Intelligent IoT Connectivity

Unbeatable coverage

Achieve near 100% connectivity with the strongest local coverage footprints available in NA and around the world.

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Location-aware network intelligence

Enjoy automated network selection by SIM to improve device performance, reduce operational complexities and eliminate roaming overages.

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End-to-end reliability and security

Maximize E2E solution reliability and security with access to tools that prevent, detect, diagnose, and resolve issues anywhere in your end-to-end system.

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Lowest costs

Reduce costs by 50% or more by eliminating roaming in dominant geographies, while enjoying all the standard cost optimization tools that Aeris has to offer.

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Single SIM

Dramatically improve operational efficiency with a single, global hardware SKU.

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Pre-installed profiles

Eliminate the headache of managing profile downloads at scale with multiple carrier profiles pre-installed on a single eSIM.


Breakaway from the hidden operational expenses and overages

Real-time visibility and control over your entire connected operation.

Obtain real-time visibility into and control over your entire connected operations—from device, to network, to application—globally and at scale. Choose from fixed bundles or pay-as-you-go plans, poll data across devices, or opt for high data plans to enable video applications.

With near real-time access to connectivity usage data, detect and gain control over irregular device behavior, bill your customers effectively, and apply mid-month rate plan changes when necessary.


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Join high-growth IoT LTE-M businesses worldwide

Reduce connectivity challenges and increase flexibility with Aeris LTE-M so you can accomplish more.


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