Free Consultation
Free consultation for lifecycle of application: align pricing to business model, lower TCO, troubleshooting processes and more.
GTX Corp Improves GPS Tracking with Aeris
GTX increased their level of reliability and simplified their troubleshooting process on the Aeris network.
How PeopleNet Lowered its TCO for Fleet
Using Aeris, PeopleNet optimized their cellular connectivity, improved their level of reliability and dramatically lowered costs.

M2M Solutions for Commercial Fleet Telematics

More and more commercial fleets are enjoying the benefits of telematics. But intelligent connectivity in this sector is evolving from the simple need to manage location, routing, and fuel costs to a demand for mission-critical reliability, connectivity for life, and innovative market differentiation.

Aeris Can Deliver

Aeris can deliver innovative, customized M2M solutions that help you differentiate, stay on top of technology investment, and provide high-value to your commercial fleet customers.  We can make your solution deliver data faster and more reliably, wherever your vehicles go.

Telematics Company Challenges The Aeris Edge
The need for reliable connection and strong coverage 24/7/365, wherever the vehicles are. A seamless footprint of multiple cellular carriers that provides the highest level of reliability for mission-critical communications.
Traditional cellular rate plans do not meet the business model requirements for telematics applications. Aeris is able to custom craft a unique rate plan for each and every customer, maximizing the profitability of their business model.
Companies need to continue to innovate and provide more (and more frequent) data to fleet owners to remain competitive. Standing still is not an option. Aeris can provide unique capabilities to decrease the latency of data transmission and optimize an always-on connection, ensuring your solution is best in class.
Unclear which technology (2G, 3G, or 4G) is right for the solution and how long will that technology be supported. Aeris supports all variants of cellular technology and can be your unbiased partner in determining which one is right for your solution, based on cost, application requirements, and longevity.