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Connectivity built for IoT in energy and utilities for smart monitoring

Leverage actionable data, access better insights, and control costs using Aeris’ network intelligence designed for smarter utilities.

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Access a reliable, global IoT connectivity network

Cellular connectivity equals reliable connectivity.

Today’s cellular network, from 2G all the way to 5G, offers unparalleled reliability and geographic coverage that other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can’t match.

Additionally, two-way data transfers allow for more sophisticated billing models, including dynamic pricing. Use these capabilities to deliver more connected, more reliable experiences to your customers.

Manage costs. Maximize control.
Take action with insights for IoT in energy

Maximize value with the right data and the
right levers.

You need a reliable cellular network to provide consistent connectivity wherever your smart meters and IoT devices are located.

With an intelligent connectivity network at the foundation of your IoT program, you can securely manage costs and your connected IoT assets. Extract the most actionable insights and make smarter decisions — faster — with an IoT program built on the most intelligent network.



Next-gen, purpose-built IoT security for energy and utilities

Protect the security of your devices from increasing threat vectors.

Aeris provides the next-generation of purpose-built IoT security solutions designed to provide continuous operational behavior visibility and analytics.

By leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities, you can prevent, detect, and respond to the evolving cybersecurity threatscape using indicators of compromise (IOCs), security alerts, and your composite security score.


Secure, smart, and reliable IoT for energy and utilities

From metering, monitoring, and billing, to remote configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance―Aeris IoT connectivity helps your IoT program thrive.


Optimize IoT connectivity

Optimize IoT connectivity

Use our customer-optimized connectivity solution to access the best coverage at the optimal price.

Gain insights from data

Gain control and insights

Get the most control and best insights from an IoT program embedded with network intelligence at its core.

IoT Security across network

Secure IoT devices and networks

Continuously monitor your IoT network activity with strong prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

Power the future with IoT for energy

Explore the benefits of our IoT connectivity solution to see how you can build a better future.

On-grid and off-grid coverage

Access unparalleled uptime and geographic coverage while using customized prepaid, pre-tested SIMs. Go to market faster, and use the latest capabilities with a team that’s ready to help you reach your IoT program goals.

Infrastructure designed For IoT

Use the best cellular connectivity solution on the market to reduce reliance on outdated, unreliable third parties and the associated risk of outages and security threats.

Smart monitoring hardware

Gain complete control and insight into your IoT devices, like smart meters, with advanced IoT global communications and connectivity designed for your IoT program. Manage and monitor your IoT program effortlessly.

Superior metering capabilities

Measure exactly how much energy, water, or other resources are generated or consumed throughout the year, and capture an accurate view of your entire operation with cellular connectivity options built for revenue-grade metering.

Transparent and flexible billing

Obtain complete visibility into your operations and device billings, and leverage our flexible pricing structures, user-friendly management portal, and two-way data transfers with dynamic pricing — to proactively manage costs.

Device management portal

Monitor, manage and troubleshoot your devices while collecting real-time data using the Aeris connectivity management portal. Make smarter business decisions, and view data usage and billing information through our portal.

Expert support

Aeris’ industry-leading solutions are backed by world-class customer support. Our support staff consists of IoT and M2M experts who are eager and ready to help. Through our white-glove services, you get quick response times, proactive monitoring, and expert assistance in issue identification and resolution.


“By working with Aeris, we can ensure that our customers’ devices possess a reliable connection, at all times, no matter the location.”

Christopher Baker-Brian, Co-Founder & CTO, Bboxx



“With Aeris, we have achieved robust remote device monitoring which is critical to the performance of our pumps as they are based in remote locations. There is no requirement for engineers to visit pump sites to check on the health of the pumps as Aeris communicates data concerning any issues, thereby saving time and expense of unnecessary journeys by engineers.”

Adrian Honey, Head of Marketing, LORENTZ


Stay connected with the latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


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Future proven IoT for energy

Choose IoT solutions for utilities smart monitoring built to meet your needs.


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