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Aeris Provides Reliable Connectivity for Remote Monitoring of Solar Water Pumps

LORENTZ, the market leader in solar-powered water pumping solutions, required a reliable cellular network partner that could provide an IoT solution with end-to-end oversight and realtime access to data for customers around the globe. By utilizing Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network, LORENTZ customers can remotely view the status of their water pumps in real time, make changes to settings, and receive alerts, regardless of device location. For agriculture customers located in extreme environments, LORENTZ solar pumps offer solutions to the challenges of improving production and sustainability while minimizing costs.



Water conservation is a top priority for LORENTZ’s agriculture customers; they want to achieve the best crop and livestock yields while meeting sustainability obligations and controlling operating costs.

LORENTZ required a reliable global mobile network that provided consistent worldwide connectivity for real-time monitoring and reporting of its systems, thereby saving the time and expense of unnecessary journeys by engineers to visit sites to check on the health of the pumps.

As LORENTZ products are manufactured without a known final destination, a SIM card would need to be inserted into the device and configured locally with certain mobile network providers. These added steps cost time and money and hinder the business process.

“With Aeris, we have achieved robust remote device monitoring which is critical to the performance of our pumps as they are based in remote locations. There is no requirement for engineers to visit pump sites to check on the health of the pumps as Aeris communicates data concerning any issues, thereby saving time and expense of unnecessary journeys by engineers.”

Adrian Honey, Head of Marketing, LORENTZ


Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network provides LORENTZ customers with reliable connectivity anywhere in the world to monitor and manage pumps remotely.

LORENTZ pumps are deployed worldwide on a simple plug-and-play basis, without referencing local network settings, and delivered by Aeris through its Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network.

Aeris’ single global APN provides LORENTZ with the capability of installing the SIM at the point of manufacture, thereby removing the need for timeconsuming local configuration.



  • Shortened deployment and data-capture process, improved operational process, and reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Eliminated the need for engineers to visit pump sites to check on the health of the pumps, thereby saving time and money.
  • Provided LORENTZ customers with reliable, real-time access to the information they need to improve operations, reduce costs and meet sustainability goals.
  • Aeris’ contract flexibility enables LORENTZ to offer their customers flexible tariffs throughout the world with universal billing and a fixed monthly fee per device.


LORENTZ delivers IoT enabled solar water pumps with the SIM inside as a global solution. The customer pays a fixed fee, per month, per pump, with no commitment, anywhere in the world. For farmers located in extreme environments, Lorentz solar pumps offer solutions to the challenges of improving production, sustainability, while minimising costs.


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