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Solar IoT Solutions

Choose global cellular IoT connectivity for on-grid and off-grid solar energy.

Power your mission with a cutting-edge cellular IoT network. With Aeris, you gain the confidence to deliver innovation and continuously improve the way solar energy is managed, monitored, and conserved for a more sustainable future. IoT for solar energy management takes you there.

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Smarter Solar Monitoring: Improving Reliability with Cellular Communication

The sun never sets on the Aeris global cellular IoT network.

To fully leverage the power of IoT for remote energy management systems, you need a reliable global network that provides consistent connectivity worldwide—even in off-grid, rural, or hostile environments.

With reliable and consistent cellular IoT connectivity, your energy management goals are achievable — just about anywhere.


Simplify Management of Even the Largest Solar Grids in the World

You can rely on our always-on cellular connectivity and get the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.


Monitor Cellular Connectivity Remotely

Leverage remote monitoring of connectivity status, regardless of location, connectivity protocols, or the number of devices. Exercise total control, and switch devices on or off from a central location if troubleshooting issues arise.

Deploy Programs Rapidly
With Ease

Install global SIMs at the point of manufacture to simplify configuration and deployment and also reduce supply chain costs and launch times.

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Operate on Your Terms — Anywhere, Anytime

Use superior, revenue-grade metering, which measures exactly how much energy individual solar panels generate throughout the year. You’ll also lower costs with predictive and proactive maintenance.

Exercise Superior Control over Cost Optimization

Energy companies spend billions on maintenance, but this could be reduced with IoT. Devote time and money to growing your business, not to fixing problems that could have been proactively addressed through IoT monitoring and management.

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“By working with Aeris, we can ensure that our customers’ devices possess a reliable connection, at all times, no matter the location.”

Christopher Baker-Brian, Co-Founder & CTO, Bboxx


Better Solar IoT Energy Management

Together, we’re developing the energy management solutions of tomorrow.

Sophisticated energy metering
and management

Enable superior, revenue-grade metering for sophisticated billing models—including dynamic pricing. Allow for the precise measurement of energy output on a per solar panel basis year-round for the most accurate billing.

Purpose-built for on- and
off-grid Solar

Customize your IoT coverage specific to your needs. Benefit from prepaid, pretested SIMs for faster time to market. Confidently rely on unparalleled uptime, geographical coverage, over-the-air update capabilities, and unmatched support.

Enhanced visibility
and transparency

Gain complete visibility into operations and billing of all your devices, no matter their number or location. Benefit from flexible pricing structures and a transparent management portal that allows you to check your data usage and billing at any time.

Uncompromising security
and control

Unlike other connectivity options, cellular networks are government-regulated and automatically encrypted, making it nearly impossible to mine them for sensitive data or make unauthorized changes to solar devices. Moreover, with cellular connectivity, your company always receives the data necessary to make adjustments and refine operations.

Solar IoT Connectivity Guide for
Industry Leaders

Find out what’s happening with IoT for solar solutions in our latest guide.


Rewriting the future
of solar energy monitoring with
cellular IoT

Smart meter monitoring and management help power the growth of the solar energy market.

By adopting IoT, solar energy manufacturers and providers can better meet their needs for improving the management of large-scale distributed resources coupled with the need for granular reporting at the individual device level.

Unlock use cases like predictive maintenance, real-time alerts, data collections for energy production, and consumption modeling to improve reliability and offer dynamic pricing.


Manage the total cost of ownership with Solar IoT Solutions

Cut the cord and go cellular to fine-tune your operations and reduce costs.

Cellular networks are more reliable than Wi-Fi or Ethernet and have a lower total cost over the lifetime of a device. Cellular-enabled solar panels not only save time and money by shortening installation times but also by enabling technicians to fix problems remotely.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet just won’t do — they’re much less reliable due to their dependence on inconsistent, consumer-grade internet service and devices to transmit data.

Covering a breadth of
industries worldwide

See how Aeris’ innovation meets your specific needs.

Connecting people to ideas, data to action, today to tomorrow. That’s the promise Intelligent IoT connectivity solutions offer. Take the journey into the future with the most intelligent, secure, and reliable network.


Select Connectivity That’s Right for You

Solar IoT solutions keep you on the future-proven track to success.


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