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IoT For Good

Technology and IoT can create tremendous social impact. At Aeris, we are determined to lead, to show that technology can be inclusive and change the world in amazing ways.


Connecting the World

Strong connections allow for incredible transformations. That is true when it comes to the internet of things, and it’s also true when it comes to people.

Throughout the world, there are endless opportunities to create good, to improve peoples’ lives. Aeris is here to connect communities, create positive social impact, and bring smart solutions to some of the world’s most challenging environments. We believe that corporate social responsibility can make the world a better place through our commitment, our programs, and our partnerships with social entrepreneurs and others.

Aeris In The World

We are a connected society — not yet an equally connected society but connected enough to transform our planet in ways unthought-of just a few short years ago.

We work with social entrepreneurs like SweetSense, whose sensors are installed on rural hand pumps to monitor water flow in under-served communities; Wisepill, whose connected smart pillboxes are creating a new way to treat TB and other diseases in some of the world’s poorest communities; BBOXX, providing affordable, clean energy to off-grid communities in the developing world, which among other things, enables school children to do homework after dark; Hello Tractor, enabling smallholder farming communities in the developing world to become more efficient through internet-connected tractors; and Riders International, whose fleet of connected motorcycles are the backbone of a specimen transport system that enables rapid diagnosis and prompt medical intervention to improve public health in Liberia.



Aeris IoT Services Helps Hello Tractor
Plow African Fields

Today, Nigerian smallholder farmers who could not afford the entire price of a tractor can short-term lease the equipment as needed, resulting in greater crop yields. With the Aeris connectivity solution, heavy machinery fleet managers have greater insights to the usage and health of their tractors, resulting in better maintenance, the need for fewer spare parts, and the ability to re-coup tractor costs faster.


Fostering Diversity

We’re here to help companies achieve optimal connectivity.

Throughout our company, we strive to attract and retain a diverse range of talent. Our company operates on a global scale, and we’re constantly working to become inclusive of all—regardless of the barriers that exist in the tech industry and in the world. We are working diligently to include those who might not otherwise have systematic access to influence innovative technology.


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