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IoT Connectivity
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Find out how Aeris is building IoT network connectivity for your industry.

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IoT across many industries

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“This platform has inherent flexibility which enables new business models through third-party integration and is foundational for V2X communications.”

−Abdallah Shanti, Global CIO, Volkswagen Brand

Explore IoT Solutions For IoT-Enabled Industries

Connectivity to move your business forward.

You need IoT solutions that will give you a competitive edge in your industry. Aeris IoT network connectivity and IoT solutions give you unparalleled access to the most intelligent network with customer-focused support.


Global support infrastructure

Global Connectivity

With connections that take you across the globe, Aeris IoT solutions expand to give you end-to-end global connectivity.

Team based customer support

Comprehensive Support

You deserve a team committed to your IoT objectives. With Aeris, support is intrinsic to your IoT solution delivery.

Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.


Robust cellular IoT connectivity for remote patient monitoring 
Healthcare, Security | Brochures

Every second matters when delivering the best patient care. Do not compromise on secure, robust cellular IoT connectivity. Leverage IoT network intelligence security to improve patient care and your bottom line.

Why Cellular is Better for Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
Healthcare, Security | Blog

Discover how intelligent network security harmonized with reliable cellular IoT connectivity reduces risk and enables faster monetization of connected medical devices.

Extend the battery life of your LTE-M IoT solutions.
Try Aeris eSIM Absolutely Free! 
eSIM | Free Trial

The last thing your customers want is service downtime. With Aeris eSIM, devices last up to 18 months longer in the field.

SimplyHome Connects to In-Home Healthcare with Aeris
Healthcare | Case Studies

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are adopting in-home care programs to improve efficiencies, reduce the burden on the healthcare system, and to serve the aging population. See how Aeris helped SimplyHome expand its business reach to different areas of the country with ubiquitous wireless connectivity, high reliability, and strong security.

Safeguard Your Network with Intelligent Security
Security | Blog

Adding IoT network security to your IoT programs reinforces the security of not only your IoT programs but also your IT systems. Close the door to malicious actors looking to steal valuable information with an added layer of protection that complements your existing security solutions.

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Industry IoT solutions give you a competitive edge.


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