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IoT Connected Vehicle Programs

Your end-to-end automotive IoT solutions suite.

IoT Connected Vehicle Programs

Launch your connected vehicle program in less than six months

Time for full speed ahead.

A proven, and trusted partner of top auto manufacturers, Aeris has established a track record working with Tier 1 partners to deliver complete, fully optimized working systems in less than six months.

Our end-to-end modular technology offering, supported by 200+ pre-defined vehicle lifecycle and supply chain business processes, including CRM and payments, facilitates a seamless implementation in your operating environment.

Build the IoT connected vehicle program you — and your customers — deserve.

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Move even faster. Launch fleet applications in 90 days.

Launch connected vehicle programs and fleet applications as fast as tech companies launch smartphone apps.

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Accelerate development

Pre-built application features address connected car and fleet management use cases.

Zero-touch deployment

Loosely coupled architecture makes it possible to deploy new applications without touching the vehicles.

Automate Device Configuration

Beyond over-the-air update capabilities, increase responsiveness with event management, state management, authorization, and two-factor authentication tools.

Deliver continuous improvements

Experience seamless over-the-air firmware update capabilities through a unified device platform.

IoT Connected Vehicle Program Customer Story

Aeris delivered the industry-leading know-how and telematics necessary to allow MITSUBISHI CONNECT to provide safety, security, and connectivity behind the wheel of the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.”

Bryan Arnett, Director of Digital Product Strategy | Mitsubishi Motors

cars sold by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance

days or less to deploy new automotive applications


increase in services rendered by dealers with Mitsubishi Connect

improvement in customer experience with a connected vehicle infrastructure

Accelerate Past Competitors with IoT Connectivity for the Automotive World

Real-world technology for the new world you’re building.

Want to scale your vehicle IoT connectivity program? Our groundbreaking technology scale to tens of millions of new vehicles per year — and is used by leading car companies across the globe.

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Improved Customer Experience

Deliver what customers want — and expect — with a connected vehicle platform built to scale globally.

Robust Data Troves

Gain access to rich business intelligence and analytics to power real-time decision-making and dynamic customer experiences.

All the Software You Need

Leverage the Aeris Mobility Suite and access all of the software components you need to build and monetize your global connected vehicle program.

Drive Your Enterprise Into the Future

The Aeris Mobility Suite takes you there.

Move Faster with Aeris

Build and Monetize Your Connected Vehicle Program

Win the race to market while innovating quickly — and securely.

This isn’t your average mobility service platform. The Aeris Mobility Suite is your one-way ride to a state-of-the-art connected vehicle program. Get to your destination in less than six months with our program.

Deploy new applications with automotive-grade hardening in less than 90 days, and then iterate based on data to delight customers. At the same time, protect your mission-critical data — and your customers’ — by partnering with an IoT leader vested in secure IoT for the automotive industry.

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Industrial IoT Solutions

Experience the Impact of IoT in Connected Industries

The Internet of Things (IoT) builds connections between people, devices, and places like never before. See how Aeris’ IoT solutions impact your industry.

Fleet and Telematics

Get connectivity for the road, scaled to meet your fleet.

Energy and Utilities

Reorient the grid. Lower costs and achieve new standards of energy efficiency.


View all solar assets in one place for complete control.


Improve the patient and clinician experience while keeping costs low.

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Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.

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A Future Proven Foundation for Your Connected Vehicle Program

Start your journey towards a more connected, intelligent future with Aeris’ IoT connectivity solutions.

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