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Aeris Neo™ Customer Support Policies

This document provides a description of the Support policies for Neo™ Customers. It details both the policies for the support service available included with the Neo™ services at no additional costs to all Neo™ Customers – Community Support – and for the service those available for a monthly fee – Infinity Support™. An overview of the both services features are available here.


  1. General
    Aeris provides at no additional cost to all Neo™ Customers its comprehensive support, Community Support. Community Support offers a host of online resources to help Customers make their experience with the Neo™ services a success.
    Customers can navigate to the Support Page from the Neo website or the AerPort portal to access the wide range of materials. Customers can also leverage the Support Community and post questions and comment on topics related to IoT and cellular connectivity.
  2. Aeris Resource Center
    1. Resources. The Aeris Resource Center is the one-stop-shop for the Neo™ services guidance and support. It is where Customers can find access to tutorials, training videos, and support topics.
      Customers visiting the Resource Center get access to a number of critical support topics relevant to every stage of your connected device’s life. This includes guides on how to assign and provision SIM cards, program your device APN, and transmit packet data over the Aeris Network.
    2. Learn to Use the AerPort Portal. The AerPort Portal is the main tool you can use to manage your devices and make the best use of the Aeris Network.
      By navigating to the Resource Center, you will find materials on how to navigate and utilize all of the features of the AerPort Portal.  This includes features that allow you to provision SIMs, manage devices, monitor and diagnose problems, or take devices off the network. You can set up MyAlerts and MyReports to proactively establish usage parameters, manage their device activity, and optimize their use of the Aeris Network in a cost-effective and scalable way.
    3. APIs and Reference Materials. The Resource Center also contains a wealth of reference materials that dive into the details of how to get up and running on the Aeris Network. Many of the AerPort features related to SIM management, device monitoring and troubleshooting are available to Customer applications through the use of Aeris APIs. In order to access the Aeris APIs, Customer applications need to pass an API key to the Aeris server that hosts the interface. The Resource Center provides step-by-step guides on how to find and use each of the relevant Aeris API keys that you will need to interface their applications with the Aeris Network.
      Visitors to the Resource Center can find Aeris code samples that you can use to interface their applications directly with core elements of the Aeris Network.
  3. Aeris Support Community
    Customers can also turn to the Support community for assistance. The Support Community is a peer-to-peer network of other customers. Aeris provides a forum for Customers to post questions and start threads on new topics, as well as to respond to other Customers’ questions and posted topics.
    The Support Community forum is actively monitored by trained Aeris support personnel, who can also step in to answer your questions directly or help point you in the right direction.
    Between the Resource Center and the Support Community forum, Customers can find all the information they need to get their solution up and running and fix any issues impacting their solution.


  1. General
    Aeris also provides the Infinity Support™service for a monthly fee to Customers with more intensive support requirements.
    Infinity Support™ provides Customers with the critical capabilities they need to achieve breakthrough performance in operational efficiency and solution uptime.

    1. Purchase – Customers can purchase Infinity Support™ from their Customer account in AerPort.
    2. Support Analysts – Aeris staffs the Infinity Support™ services with a team of Support Analysts who have been highly trained in the technical and logistical requirements of M2M and IoT network services, in everything from SIM provisioning to network operations. Our Support Analysts are dedicated to providing Customers with the best service in the industry.
    3. Support for Onboarding and Commercial Deployment —Aeris provides ad-hoc Help Desk or Sales Engineering support to Infinity Support customers in order to assist them during the initial provisioning and setting up of their test devices on the Aeris Network.
    4. Support Services – Accounts in good standing will have access to the 3 main categories of Support Services:
      • Aeris Help Desk Services,
      • Proactive Problem Notifications, and
      • the Aeris Online and Automated Information Systems

      The terms for each of these services are described in these Support Policies below.

    5. Future Changes to Infinity Support Policies —Aeris may update these Support Policies from time to time. No update to the Support Policies will result in a material reduction in the services available to you during the term of your subscription.
  2. Aeris Help Desk Services
    1. When Support is provided — You can request Support Services to help with issues regarding the operation of your devices and applications on the Aeris Network and your use of our AerPort, AerFrame and AerAdmin web services (“Web Services”). These Support Services are available at the times under “Contacting the Help Desk” below. A description of the types of support follows; for what is not covered, see “Exclusions” below.
      • Device and application status and troubleshooting. Aeris will provide reasonable efforts to troubleshoot and resolve problems with your devices and applications related to the Aeris Network. This includes the verification of proper functioning of cellular network, or confirmation of network related issues impacting your device.
      • Assistance with the use of the Aeris Web Services. Aeris will provide industry standard support efforts for issues involving the use of the tools available through the Web Services (to the extent related to Aeris Services), including troubleshooting for provisioning and billing issues, use of online reports and tools, etc. This includes the verification of system availability and referral to sales and on-line resources for training and guidance.
      • Connectivity and application monitoring; Reports.  Access to all of the user-defined, automated monitoring and report-generation tools available through Web Services for defining alerts and reports and for monitoring connectivity. Aeris will provide assistance with using the connectivity and application monitoring tools or help implement monitoring tailored to your applications (e.g., for detection of failures or abnormal conditions or for specialized notification alerts) including portal based alerts and alarms and network monitoring.
      • M2M Specialist. You may request that Aeris assign an M2M specialist to your account to provide expert support and rapid trouble resolution, either at Aeris facilities or at your site. Contact Aeris for a quote.
    2. Initiating a Service Request — You can initiate a Service Request by contacting the Aeris Help Desk as described below. Once a Service Request has been submitted, the Help Desk will generate an automated response within 5 minutes acknowledging receipt of the request, creating a trouble ticket, and assigning a case number to the request. A Support Analyst will promptly begin investigating your issue and assigning resources necessary for resolution in accordance within the response time described.
    3. Severity Levels — Once your request has been submitted to the Help Desk, a Support Analyst will make an initial determination of the severity level of your Service Request and will communicate this to you. If you disagree with the designation, you may ask your Support Analyst to consult with you on the appropriate designation. A description of Severity Levels is given below.
      • Severity Level 1 means that Aeris Services are down, either generally or in multiple markets (geographic areas), or that connectivity between your systems and Aeris has been broken (as determined by Aeris monitoring of the Aeris Network).
      • Severity Level 2 means either that there is an impairment of the Aeris Services that severely impacts the performance of multiple units, results in an individual market being “down” (meaning that no network traffic is being passed between your systems and any of your devices deployed on the Aeris Network) or “impaired” (meaning that some of the functionality of Aeris Services is either not available or performing below normal levels), or provisioning or device management functionality is impaired.
      • Severity Level 3 means that there is an impairment of the Aeris Services resulting in a severe impact on the performance of a single unit, or of a small number of units (less than 2% of your total deployed units).
      • Severity Level 4 means you have a question about how some part of the Aeris Services works, would like information such as a traffic report or trouble ticket update or upcoming maintenance windows, need help with login, have a suggestion for improvement of the Aeris Services, or other questions not involving an actual impairment of your service.
    4. Contacting the Help Desk — You may reach the Help Desk by web, email or phone as follows:
      • AerPort Portal (web access). Use this link to report an issue and open a trouble ticket.
        • Available 24/7/365
      • Email Access. To report an issue and open a trouble ticket by email, send an email to  Your email should include a description of the devices impacted, time of incident, a description of the conditions at the time of the incident and your good faith estimation of the probable Severity Level.
        • Available 24/7/365
      • Telephone Access. To report an issue and open a trouble ticket by telephone, call 866-992-3747 during the hours provided. Please have available a description of the devices impacted, time of incident, a description of the conditions at the time of the incident and your good faith estimation of the probable Severity Level.
        • Severity Levels 1 or 2
          • Available 24x7x365
        • Severity Levels 2 or 3
          • Not available
    5. Support Analyst Response Times — The Support Analyst assigned to your case will provide you a determination of Severity Level, a description of actions underway to investigate and resolve the issue, as well as an estimated time for resolution. Aeris Support Analysts are fully authorized to engage and assign Aeris resources to assist with the prompt investigation and diagnosis of any support issues. These resources include subject-matter experts from Aeris’s system and network engineering and network operations departments.
      Support Analyst generally respond to requests for Infinity Support within 12 business hours.
    6. Support Analyst Responsibilities — Your Support Analyst is accountable for managing and coordinating the response to your Service Request and for identifying the root cause and bringing about the resolution of the issue.  In the event that your Support Analyst is unable to determine the cause of a covered issue, and additional diagnosis requires joint efforts between Aeris, your device provider, and/or your application providers, your Support Analyst will notify you of this determination and work with you as you initiate and coordinate a joint investigation across the organizations involved in delivering your M2M services.
    7. Closure and Escalation —You may request an escalation of your Service Request by asking your Support Analyst to notify an Aeris Escalation Contact of your request. The Escalation Contact will review the facts of your incident and ensure that proper procedures are being followed and actions are underway to bring timely resolution.
      • Severity Level 1
        • Help Desk to Director of Operations and VP of Operations – immediate
          Operations to VP Engineering – no greater than one (1) hour
      • Severity Level 2
        • Help Desk to Director of Operations – immediate
          Director of Operations to VP of Operations – 2 hours
      • Severity Level 3 and 4
        •  N/A
    8. Professional Services — If you require Support Services outside of the scope of these Support Policies you may initiate a fee-based Service Request. If the problem is not a covered one (see “Exclusions” below), you may also pursue a fee-based Service Request. Aeris Customer Support will provide you with a quote of fees before creating the request for fee-based service so that you can decide whether or not you would like to proceed. Contact Aeris Customer Support or for further information.
    9. Exclusions — Aeris will not be obligated to provide Support Services under certain circumstances as described below. On your request, an Aeris Support Analyst will attempt to provide you with any additional information available and to offer suggestions, where possible, on next steps to resolve the issue. If you open a Service Request relating to an issue that you know is not covered by these Support Policies, then Aeris reserves the right to invoice you at its usual service fees for any assistance provided. Issues not covered by these Support Policies include:
      • Issues not related to the Aeris Network or to systems within Aeris’ control
      • Your failure to implement any updates to the application and device requirements available at AerPort if implementation would have avoided the issue
      • Problems caused by activities taken by you or a customer or user with respect to networks or systems unless such activities were formally approved in advance by Aeris
      • Changes you make to your device hardware or customer services without following the requirements available at AerPort
      • Your use of the network services other than in the manner specified by Aeris, including failure to use any APIs specified by Aeris
      • Issues with any device or customer application not related to the operation of the Aeris Services, including any accident, negligence, or misuse of a device
    10. Your Responsibilities — You will be asked to provide a single point of contact to receive information from Aeris for all Service Requests. Your point of contact will be the one to further distribute information received from Aeris inside your organization. Aeris will also expect that your personnel responsible for accessing Support Services will have appropriate familiarity with and training in the design and use of your deployed hardware and applications and the Aeris Network Services.
  3. Proactive Problem NotificationsAeris will provide you with proactive notification of problems whenever we become aware of a service-affecting issue in the Aeris Network. Each of these notifications contains a Severity Level designation depending on the circumstances and is provided by email.
    A notification will be sent within 30 minutes of any issue giving rise to a Severity Level of 2 or higher. You may contact the Help Desk by email or by phone, in order to supplement the information included in the Notification. If the severity of a service-affecting issue escalates, so too will the resources that Aeris devotes to resolving the issue.
  4. Online and Automated Information SystemsInfinity Support™ provides you with access to all Web Services, including AerPort, that allow you to monitor your devices’ network activity, track costs and manage the status of your devices.
    Features include:

    • Device usage information
    • Real time billing information
    • Real time SIM management (provisioning, suspending, canceling SIMs, as well as setting them Active-billed)
    • Setting of network alerts and alarms
    • Network performance reports
  5. Infinity Support Table
    Infinity Support™
    Hours of Operation Severity Level 1, 2

    Severity Level 3, 4
    US Customers: 8AM-8PM CST/CDT M-F

    Europe Customers: 8AM-8PM CET/CEST M-F

    Incident Reporting and Case Management Web or Email:
    Automated Response Time 5 Minutes
    Analyst Response Time 12 Business Hours
    Device Status, Troubleshooting Confirmation of Aeris network status and system checks to rule out network. To 1 hour or 3 cases per month
    Provisioning Confirmation of Aeris network status and system checks to rule out network. To 1 hour per month
    AerPort Access Yes
    Monitoring Standard AerPort based alerts
    Case Reports Yes, through AerPort
    Coverage Checks Website MAP
    KPI Reports No
    Term Length of the Agreement