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Our Warranty Policy

Aeris wants you to be confident that your SIM cards will operate properly with the Connectivity service.


When you receive your SIM cards, please visit Get Started to learn how to inspect and test SIM cards to ensure proper operation and to begin using Aeris M2M services. Please open a ticket to notify Aeris (preferably within 20 days of receipt) if you believe that you received the wrong SIM cards, that any of the SIM cards are damaged or do not operate properly, or that the shipment did not contain the correct number of SIM cards, and we will send you replacement SIM cards.


Aeris warrants that the SIM cards you purchase from us will conform to their technical specifications and be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of twelve months from delivery. If you believe that any of the SIM cards you purchased do not conform to their specifications or are not operating properly, please open a ticket to get your warranty support. We will replace SIM cards covered by this warranty at no charge to you and ship them at our expense, although we will not be responsible for labor or materials costs for disassembly or repair of any equipment.

This warranty does not apply to SIM cards that have been altered, improperly installed, misused or damaged after delivery.

If you are having difficulty using your service, please visit the Support page for access to our tutorials and guides, including information on how to monitor and troubleshoot your connectivity, to our API description and our Support Community.

Please see the Standard Billing and Purchase Terms  for additional information about the Aeris limited warranty.


You are responsible for paying for any services used by SIM cards that you buy and for all activities involving those SIM cards. If you believe that any of your SIM cards has been lost or stolen, or if you suspect that any SIM card you purchased is being used fraudulently, you should notify Aeris immediately. Send your notice to and give us as much information you can about the issue (number of SIM cards involved, original order number, actual SIM ID number if available, the date on which the loss or fraudulent use began and anything else you know that may be helpful to us). You can also cancel the SIM cards in question by logging into your AerPort account.