There are many advantages to receiving real-time data and insights on your IoT/M2M devices via AerPort, but what if something happens and you’re not at your computer actively tracking usage? 

Enter MyAlerts — our notification service that allows you to define when and why you receive alerts. Whether for one or multiple devices, setting up these alerts takes just a few clicks in AerPort.

Being fully customizable, you’re able to select:

  • The events your alerts apply to
  • The devices your alerts apply to
  • The frequency of email notifications you receive 

You can fully-customize alerts of the following types:

  • Packet alerts — triggered when data use on one or more devices goes above or below a defined threshold
  • SMS alerts — triggered when a device sends and receives insufficient SMS or SMS in excess
  • De-registration duration alerts — triggered when a device remains offline and unregistered to the network after a specified amount of time

When an event triggers an alert, the device is displayed on your Dashboard in AerPort and a report is emailed to you. Additionally, you can also specify how you want the system to react to an alert. For both data and SMS, you can configure blocking traffic to and from your devices, ensuring you won’t exceed any monthly allotments and budgets.

MyAlerts Plus – The Best Way to Ensure You’re Notified at Every Crucial Event

It’s always smart to be prepared, and if you think you’re going to need more than 2 alerts per SIM card each month, you’ll be happy to hear that we also offer MyAlerts Plus.

With MyAlerts Plus, you’ll receive an additional 10 alerts per month that you can customize to suit your needs. These alerts can be applied to a single device, or throughout a group of devices — it’s your choice! With a wider assortment of options and no setup fee, MyAlerts Plus will keep you updated on the usage of your devices.

For detailed instructions on how to use the MyAlerts widget to create, edit, and delete alert profiles, view our Support page.