Manage your SIMs with AerPort™

Dashboard top

Think of the dashboard as AerPort’s home page. At a glance you can see your total number of devices and their states, data and SMS usage trends (including top data users for the last three (3) days), system-defined and custom alerts, and the status of billing for SMS, Data, Voice, and MRC usage.

The dashboard also provides access to AerPort’s other features. You’ll find tabs for Devices and Reports, as well as a Quicklinks drop-down box for easy navigation.


Provision top

You’ll find devices that are waiting to be provisioned by clicking SIM Inventory on the Devices tab. Simply click the green Provision devices button.


SIM states top

To change a device’s state, first locate it on the Devices tab under In use. Then double-click it to view details.


You'll land on the device’s detail page, where you can edit it, run diagnostics, or create a report.


Click Edit device and select from options on the menu to change a device’s state, its traffic policy, rate plan, and so on.


MyAlerts top

Access the MyAlerts widget by clicking Quicklinks from any screen. You’ll find Set up MyAlerts under the Manage SIMs category.


On the Set up MyAlerts page you can edit an existing alert or create a new one. Your Neo connectivity service includes two (2) preconfigured alerts, with an option to purchase an additional ten (10). The Create new alert button will navigate you to the page that configures alerts only if you have alerts that were purchased but are currently unused.


MyReports top

Access the MyReports widget by clicking Quicklinks from any screen. You’ll find three (3) report options under the View Reports category.


View overall account usage

Click View overall account usage to land on the Overview page. You’ll see a quick recap in the form of device summary, usage charges and SMS / Packet data usage. You can also click to create a new report on this page.


You’ll land here when you click Monthly. These reports are generated by Aeris and are available for download for three (3) months.


Click Recent to see a list of all reports, which can be viewed and downloaded.


Order SIMs top

Ordering additional SIMs for Neo is a simple process. We offer two (2) choices, both with 2FF form factor.