The Aeris AerAdmin™ Web Service interface is used to Provision, Activate, and Manage devices.

AerAdmin follows the SOAP and XML protocol standards, available at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web site

What You Need to Complete this Tutorial

  • Aeris Account API Key
  • Aeris Account ID
  • Aeris Rate Plan
  • Aeris Service Name
  • Device ICCID
  • SoapUI

Using SoapUI

SoapUI is an Open Source tool for investigating the SOAP request and response objects using a WSDL file. The following steps demonstrate how to import the WSDL as a SOAP project and provision devices in the Aeris network.

Project Name: AerAdmin

AerAdmin WSDL URL:

Populate the Project Name and Initial WSDL fields as shown here:


Enter required parameters by replacing the question marks with the information pertinent to your device. Fields preceded by “Optional” are not required. To activate the device, you need the account ID, name of the technology (GSM), iccID, service name and the rate plan.


note_iconIf you’re unsure of the appropriate service name and rate plan, do the following:

Click Headers at the bottom of the SoapUI window, and then click the ‘+’ button.


Enter “apiKey” as shown here and click the OK button. The cursor moves to the Value field, where you enter your API Key.


note_iconFailure to enter the header results in an HTTP authentication error.

note_iconThere is a second way to enter the apiKey header. Click the dropdown box of the URL, select “edit current” and add “?apiKey=[enter your apiKey here without the brackets]” to the end of the URL and press OK.

Click the green button to submit your request.


Result code “0” and result message “OK” indicate success. The transaction ID is also included in the response.