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Getting Started

Assign and Provision your SIMs

For security reasons, your SIMs are not ready to be used in the Aeris network when you receive them. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to assign and provision your SIMs in the Aeris network.


Step 1:

Each of your SIM packages contains an information sheet. Each sheet contains a unique code – make sure you have the sheets at your fingertips.

Misplaced one of your sheets? Contact us.

Step 2:

Once the SIM package is received and you are ready to have SIMs assigned to your account. please e-mail or call Support at 1-866-992-3747 with the following information:

  • Account Name/Number
  • User ID
  • 6-digit code
  • Qty of SIMs in package
  • List of ICCIDs in package

For added communication convenience, please include your phone number and a good call-back time in case we need to reach you.

Step 3:


A) Go to AerPort™ and sign in with your credentials.

B) Navigate to the AerPort Devices tab, and “SIM inventory” sub-tab.

C) Select “Provision devices.”

D) Select the product from the “Product” drop down.

E) Provide the information requested, noting that some items are mandatory (denoted with *) and some are optional.

F) Select “Provision.”


What’s next?

Now you need to program the Aeris APN into your devices. You’ll learn how to do that in the Program Device APN section.


Need Support?

Our team is standing by to help!.

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