Community Support and Infinity Support

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When you subscribe to the Neo service, your account is set up for the Community Support. You have unlimited access to our Support page that provides extensive information on how to use your Aeris SIMs and get your devices connected to Aeris network in hours or days, and use AerPort to monitor or troubleshoot your device connectivity. You also have write-access to our Community Support, and you can there leverage the Community of expert users or of M2M and IoT professionals at Aeris to help you with your solution. If you need direct support for your solution, you can subscribe at any time to our Infinity Silver Support package and get unlimited access to the Aeris professionals.
 Community SupportInfinity Silver Star
Online support
Support CommunityNeo Community SupportNeo Community Support
Coverage checksCoverage mapCoverage map
MonitoringDashboard and Reports in AerPort
MyAlerts services
Dashboard and Reports in AerPort
MyAlerts services
TroubleshootingDiagnostics tool in AerPortDiagnostics tool in AerPort
Incident Management by Aeris
Opening a case and reporting a connectivity-related incident--via the dedicated Support tab in AerPort or per Email (24/7/365)
Managing your Case--via the dedicated Support tab in AerPort
Automated response time--5 minutes
Aeris analyst response time--4 business hours
Troubleshooting: device status or provisioning--Confirmation of Aeris network status and system checks to rule out network. To 1 hour or 3 cases per month
Hours of operation for
severity levels 3 and 4
--8AM-8PM Central Time
Monday through Friday
KPI Reports----
Aeris network troubleshooting and maintenance
Hours of operation for
severity levels 1 and 2
TermLength of the agreementMinimum subscription of 3 months
Length of the agreement