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Intelematics partners with Aeris to bring connected cars to Australia and New Zealand

May 26, 2022
Australian connected vehicle services company Intelematics is partnering with global IoT solutions provider Aeris to bring the Aeris Mobility Suite (AMS) connected vehicle platform to local vehicle manufacturers and distributors in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) for the first time.

The Aeris AMS platform enables vehicle manufacturers and distributors, from commercial vehicles to cars to micromobility, to rapidly deploy connected services and functionality spanning vehicle health, safety and security, location and convenience. This includes feature capabilities such as stolen vehicle tracking, accident notifications (eCall) services, and remote vehicle services such as lock/unlock and remote start, subscription and payment management and vehicle software updates. Intelematics will provide support for the AMS platform including interface design, application development and technology integration services.

“Connectivity is the future for vehicles in ANZ and our partnership with Aeris will help to ensure car manufacturers and distributors can provide the best possible experiences for drivers,” says Intelematics CEO Nick Marks.

“This technology exists in new cars sold today, but it remains mostly dormant in Australia and New Zealand as global platforms are too complicated or too expensive to operate in our region, limiting the ability to provide Australian oriented service offerings and incorporate local partner service providers,” adds Marks. “Utilising Aeris’ platform, we are looking forward to helping our customers switch these features on so our market and consumers can realise the benefits of connected vehicles.”

“Globally, there is an increasing expectation from consumers of an integrated, digitised in-vehicle solution that enhances both experience and lifestyle,” says Raj Kanaya, VP/GM, Automotive Business Unit at Aeris. “Our partnership with Intelematics will help ANZ OEMs and distributors meet these expectations and, in turn, will increase brand loyalty and revenue.”

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