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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Press Releases

Aeris’ New AMP Technology to Revolutionise Internet of Moving Things in Europe

READING, UK, May 31, 2018 – Internet of Things (IoT) technology expert Aeris has launched the Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP) in Europe, a state-of-the-art cloud and micro-services-based IoT platform that provides the critical building blocks that enable the Internet of Things for enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

In the UK, as well as globally, initiatives such as electric cars, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and car sharing are becoming increasingly important to companies and governments alike. For example, the UK government announced a £400m electric charging infrastructure fund in its Autumn Statement. It also is estimated that 75 per cent of all new cars shipped globally in 2024 will be equipped with wireless connections.

All of these technologies depend on vehicles and moving things efficiently communicating across a network, but research in a recent Aeris whitepaper, written by Strategy Analytics, found that, today, 80 percent of connected vehicles are using telematics technology that is more than a decade old.

AMP specifically addresses the requirements of the burgeoning Internet of “Moving” Things market segment with a robust service creation environment and a full suite of pre-built business services, including data analytics and monetisation. By leveraging AMP, enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can deliver a cloud-agnostic and flexible, globally connected program with market-leading services and unparalleled time-to-market.

The benefits of AMP include:

  • Vehicles and moving things can be retrofitted with IoT: AMP offers the possibility for companies to retrofit legacy vehicles and fleets with IoT technology, in essence making old vehicles and fleets ‘smart’. The technology could enable millions of old cars to be retrofitted as ‘connected vehicles,’ dramatically expanding the number of connected vehicles on the roads.
  • Reduces complexity of launching connected vehicle technology: AMP reduces the complexity of launching connected vehicles by enabling companies to easily manage millions of vehicles on the move through its flexible, responsive IoT platform. This, in turn, makes deployment faster and cheaper, and ensures a quicker time to market.
  • Flexible approach enables global deployment: AMP utilises a type of software architecture called “capsule farms,” which allows companies to easily edit their devices for regional variances, such as regional regulatory compliance or language. The flexible approach therefore enables companies to expedite global device deployment.
  • Improved communication with devices: How quickly connected devices can communicate is key to their success. AMP technology can decrease latency in device communication, which helps companies drive additional business value.

AMP is a cloud-based IoT software solution that uses a micro-services architecture to package an extensive set of software services known as Granular Entity Modules (GEMs). The GEMs are functional building blocks that can be combined in a multitude of configurations to create application-specific variations, called capsules.

Supporting Quote

  • Mohsen Mohseninia, Vice President of Market Development, Europe, Aeris
    “The connected vehicle is at the heart of future initiatives in the automotive industry. AMP is designed to ensure that OEM’s can make the most of the industry move from unconnected vehicles to connected ones – making it easier, quicker and cheaper to implement and manage the technology. But AMP can deliver real business value outside of the automotive industry as well, as it can essentially help integrate IoT technology into anything that moves.”The Aeris Mobility Platform also promises to be a boon to the car-sharing sector – one that is expected to see significant growth in the UK and Europe in the coming years. In car-sharing models, the notion of ownership changes dramatically. For example, you may ‘own’ a vehicle only for the ride that you are on. AMP is designed for these scenarios with a robust rights management system, enabling temporary access to telematic services. This means that people or companies can easily make their cars ‘shareable’ for a specific period of time.”

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Aeris is a global technology partner with a proven history of helping companies unlock the value of IoT. For more than a decade, we’ve powered critical projects for some of the most demanding customers of IoT services. Aeris strives to fundamentally improve businesses by dramatically reducing costs, accelerating time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. Built from the ground up for IoT and road tested at scale, Aeris IoT Services are based on the broadest technology stack in the industry, spanning connectivity up to vertical solutions. As veterans of the industry, we know that implementing an IoT solution can be complex, and we pride ourselves on making it simpler.

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