Cool IoT Use Cases: Aerial tracking and messaging

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Market overview

Tracking personnel and physical assets is an established IoT application. Enabling a global service that provides real-time tracking and messaging with personnel using vehicles, vessels and aircraft takes it to the next level.

The problem

Utility companies need to inspect and maintain electric transmission lines, patrol ground-over-gas lines and provide emergency services during power outages. They also require real-time monitoring and management, says Bob Emmerson.

The players

Aeris provided the services platform as well as global cellular connectivity. TracPlus provided the tracking service. Aviation Services Unlimited provided the requisite aerial services to utilities such as New York State Electric and Gas, New York Power Authority and the National Grid.

The solution

The end-to-end modular technology platform of Aeris IoT Services enables customers to make the change from unconnected products to connected services. That is the intrinsic functionality. TracPlus employed the platform to develop services that enable companies and organisations to monitor and communicate with personnel fighting fires, performing rescue missions, installing powerlines, saving vessels and providing other land, sea and air services.

TracPlus aviation grade devices are used to provide global voice, two-way messaging as well as event and location tracking. Cellular connectivity services, provided by Aeris, round out the solution that Aviation Services Unlimited uses to track the helicopters that provide aerial services to the utility companies.

Business benefits

  • Real-time ubiquitous tracking: land, sea and air
  • Service available in over 35 countries worldwide
  • Seamlessly 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity

Original source: IoT Global Network