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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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SIM Cards’ Social Impact: Changing the World with Accessible, Affordable Cellular IoT

Cellular web networks allow for Internet connectivity even outdoors or in remote locations, and for smaller companies or startups without the resources to invest in more expensive Wi-Fi architecture Subscriber Identity Modules better known as SIM cards can make all the difference. Similarly, communities with limited resources can leverage SIM cards to cheaply connect everyone at a data rate within their budget. If Wi-Fi changed the world by making high-speed, reliable connections commonplace in the home, SIM cards change the world by letting everyone connect on-the-go for less, with much greater flexibility in terms of service providers, usage rates, and more. With the advent of the Internet of Things, the SIM card has emerged as the key to connectivity. But what are some specific examples of the SIM cards impact on our world?

Safer Security On-the-Go with SIM Cards

SIM cards serve as authenticators of a customers identity for cellular providers, and with added security enhancements from firms like Neo, data transmission across SIM card connections can be encrypted and made secure even for sensitive information or transactions. For small businesses on-the-go, SIM card security means having the ability to verify identity even from the road, putting access to a digital workspace in someones pocket. But SIM card security isnt just for cellular phones. Any tool or machine with a SIM card port can be added to the network, expanding the Internet of Things to a limitless world of possibilities.


Responsive, Flexible Delivery Services through SIM Card Tracking

Delivery services are getting faster! With choices like Amazon Prime Now, Uber, and Postmates, web users in the west are getting used to the idea of service-on-demand within hours or minutes of an order. Most of these services are heavily mediated by SIM card-linked technology, with contractors or delivery drones and bots checking in to the larger service network through their SIM card-enabled device at various points across the delivery timeline.

Working from their own phone or another SIM card device, users can place an order, track service times, and rate satisfaction from their end as well. This network of transactions and user feedback creates a more responsive marketplace that works with modern schedules and changes the way we think of commerce. Rather than going to a store, items now come to us a shift that allows the purchaser greater freedom both in schedule and in selection. With a little coding and vision, access to IoT via SIM card connectivity allows almost anyone to develop their own mobile-user delivery service so as to engage with an ever growing market of customers who want to shop differently.

In other parts of the world, smaller communities unable to support large physical marketplaces may come to rely on delivery services mediated by SIM cards to mobilize their economy and allow greater economic choice and freedom. SIM card connectivity also means better, more secure jobs for these communities as it solidifies the need for delivery services and, likewise, allows small, efficiently budgeted teams to work on-the-go.

How SIM Cards Change the Internet and the Physical World around Us

SIM cards change the way we think about the Internet as well. SIM cards mean never having to worry about whether there is connectivity where youre going or if the Wi-Fi network at the next coffee shop will be secure. We carry our connections with us everywhere. With the expansion of devices that can work with SIM cards, the internet has become more than just a cool add-on feature of devices; its become standard. The Internet is all around us in a world shaped by SIM card use, and it isnt someplace you have to stop and make an effort to get to its omnipresent.

By 2020, ZDNet estimates that there will be 20.4 billion IoT connected devices in the world. Much of this will be SIM card mediated, and connection will be ubiquitous for everything from the devices we wear on our bodies to the cars we drive, the homes we live in, and the municipal services we rely on. With the emergence of 5G, even our perception of the world around us will be altered by SIM card driven IoT as instantaneous data exchanges make possible hyper-realistic augmented reality platforms. For small businesses, this could give sales teams multiple opportunities to demo products without physically needing to transport anything to a sale site, making their team more agile and responsive to customer needs.


Neo Changing the Way You Think about IoT Connectivity

Neo enables connectivity for your company, community, or personal projects wherever you are in the world. Our SIM card plans are pay-as-you-go with no contract commitment, giving you the freedom to carefully choose your IoT connectivity plan around any obstacles or limitations. We offer a variety of connection speeds to suit any budget, and our growing, peer driven Support Community can help answer any questions you may have.

Check out the coverage in your area to get started and then talk with a member of our team to answer any questions you might have. Expanding IoT means expanding our global communitys ability to communicate and stay connected, bringing everyone closer together and, ultimately, making the world a better place. Ready to get started? Well even deliver your SIM cards straight to your door. Check out your options now!