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Aeris Launches Partner Recruitment for API One™ — A True Revolution in Connected-Car Monetization and Service Innovation

Aeris is leveraging its unrivaled experience in full connected-vehicle stack development to address the automotive industry’s central and most persistent challenges with connected cars:  successful driver engagement and program monetization, at practical cost and effort for both OEMs and the many organizations that have the potential to create a thriving service ecosystem on top of their programs.

We are building on the success of our award-winning Aeris Mobility Suite, the foundation of our partnership with Volkswagen and other OEMs, to create API One™, a common, secure, and easy-to-use read/write interface to all automotive OEMs’ connected vehicle platforms.

This common interface will enable countless organizations in a wide range of service segments to partner with OEMs with minimal effort on both sides — seamlessly, reliably, and most important securely — to significantly accelerate monetization of car manufacturers’ investments in connected-car programs and to  reduce the hurdles to profitability for developer organizations.  API One will foster unbounded innovation in insurance, car sharing, repair and maintenance, fleet and lot management, asset security, financing, smart homes and cities, fueling and charging, parking management, delivery services, and more.

API One is the industry’s first common API initiative that meets the complete set of requirements inherent to this concept:

  • true automotive-grade security and privacy control, based on years of Aeris experience in deep engagement with OEM connected-car programs
  • simple and straightforward integration requirements for developer organizations, following world-class best practices in API program design and developer support
  • both read and carefully-controlled “write” access (for select remote operations) to connected vehicles, and
  • granular OEM control over developer organization engagement through the platform.

We estimate that API One has the potential to save the auto ecosystem as much as a billion dollars in software development and maintenance costs in the US alone, by eliminating the many-to-many integration projects and ongoing support that would otherwise be necessary to connect the full range of service innovators to the wide variety of OEM platforms.

Today, each of the more than 100 developer organizations aiming at automotive service innovation in the US must first overcome the daunting challenge of integration with 30+ different connected-vehicle platform implementations by a dozen OEMs — compounded by ongoing support costs for those 3,000+ projects as the OEMs regularly update their software over time.  API One will eliminate 90% of those prohibitive costs and hassles for both developers and the car companies.

We are excited about the central role we are playing in unleashing a wealth of innovation across the industry.  We expect that the broad, hassle-free, and securely-controlled access we can enable will accelerate service development and adoption, making usage-based insurance, keyless car sharing, trusted e-commerce deliveries, data-driven pre-emptive maintenance, smart-city parking and traffic management, and a host of other valuable applications commonplace — and steady sources of revenue for their providers and the car companies.

Contact us to learn more about how you can join our revolution!

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