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Data Access Security: Avoiding Chaos

Gaining security for your IoT devices is a critical step for any deployment, large or small. Keeping your data secure can be business critical. Key to all this is the ability to restrict device communications only to select web destinations of your choosing.

Security Challenges

Without any network restrictions in place, devices can send data to or receive data from any unintended destination. This increases the risk of application data getting compromised, leading to data privacy violations. And these violations could be catastrophic for sensitive applications, such as remote patient monitoring or security systems.


Locking it Down with Aeris ConnectionLock

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is a dynamic, software-driven network that continuously evolves with new capabilities to support IoT deployments at scale. And gaining security with the Aeris solution is straightforward. In order to restrict data to and from devices, Aeris provides the ConnectionLock capability, which restricts data delivery only to designated IP addresses or endpoints.

ConnectionLock acts as a software-based IoT firewall that is implemented as a core capability within the Aeris Intelligent IoT network. This allows customer devices to connect (and send / receive data) securely to a set of pre-selected IP addresses or endpoints and prevent any fraudulent use by blocking access to any endpoint that has not been selected by the customer. As result, this significantly reduces the risk of customer application data getting compromised. Additionally, as the devices communicate to only selected endpoints, the risk of devices being used for malicious open-ended attacks is significantly reduced. No additional action is needed from the customer side as ConnectionLock can be activated on all devices by the Aeris support teams during the on-boarding process.

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Customer Benefits

ConnectionLock prevents access to unauthorized endpoints or IP addresses so that customer devices are not exposed to any data overage charges. If the SIM card gets stolen from the device, Aeris ConnectionLock ensures that the SIM card can connect to no other IP address or URL. Customers dont need to implement any logic at the application level or in their business processes to receive the benefits of ConnectionLock. This Aeris solution is implemented at the network level so it doesnt add any complexity to the IoT device software. With this level of security, manufacturers of connected devices can focus on bringing next-gen functionality to market and digital transformation to businesses.

To learn more about ConnectionLock and keeping your data safe, sign up for our next webinar, Top 3 Best Practices for a Secured IoT Solution at Global Scale, on June 4, 2019 (11a.m. EST and 4p.m. in the UK).

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