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How the Right Partners Can Help Vehicle Manufacturers Deploy Innovative Connected Services

From safety innovations such as airbags and adaptive cruise control to performance advancements such as active aerodynamics and four-wheel drive, traditional vehicle manufacturers are responsible for many of the features that drivers take for granted in cars today. Now, vehicle manufacturers who paved the way for today’s cars are racing to create connected services that meet the needs of a new generation of drivers.

At Aeris, we’re excited to help vehicle manufacturers introduce new ideas to the market, raising the bar when it comes to how their vehicles can improve their customers’ quality of life. 

How Aeris is Positioning Mitsubishi for the Connected Future 

The integration of myQ® Connected Garage into the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross vehicles is the latest step on Aeris’ and Mitsubishi’s journey to create useful and enjoyable connected experiences for their drivers, enabling drivers to open and close their garage doors via the touchscreen in their cars, even from miles away. 

The partnership between Aeris and Mitsubishi started with Aeris building and deploying Mitsubishi’s connected vehicle application end-to-end. Since then, we’ve continued to play a key role in Mitsubishi’s evolution, integrating valuable third-party services such as Dealer-FX, the leading service lane technology provider for automotive retailers and OEMs. The Dealer-FX partnership enables U.S.-based Mitsubishi customers to schedule and manage service appointments at Mitsubishi dealerships via the My Mitsubishi Connect app.

For this latest innovation, Aeris collaborated with the Chamberlain Group, a global leader in access control solutions, to incorporate its myQ® smart technology in the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. We leveraged our Aeris Mobility Suite (AMS), an end-to-end connected vehicle software suite purpose-built to help automotive OEMs rapidly get solutions to market and win in a connected world. 

By working with hardware, connectivity, and call center partners, we’ve been able to bring fully integrated solutions for Mitsubishi to the market. As a result of the collaboration, Mitsubishi has introduced connected services across more than 30 countries in 10 languages. 


Why Car Companies Need Great Partners to Succeed 

For the best experience on the road, the drivers of today need innovative software running on quality hardware. While traditional vehicle manufacturers have decades of experience building hardware, shifting to a software mindset can put them at the forefront of digital advances. 

However, transitioning from a hardware to a software mindset comes with its own set of challenges. Creating connected vehicles that can continually be upgraded via OTA updates requires seamlessly blending hardware and software, which are fundamentally different. While manufacturing vehicle hardware involves careful planning centered on minimizing risk, software development is less structured and is designed to maximize the payoff from risk. 

Additionally, building connected vehicles requires integrating with valuable third-party services, such as dealer repair applications and smart home devices. With Aeris, vehicle manufacturers don’t have to navigate integrating with third-party services all by themselves. Aeris provides guidance every step of the way, creating seamless experiences for vehicle manufacturers, partners, and drivers.


Overcoming Challenges with the Right Technology Partner 

An experienced, communicative technology partner can help vehicle manufacturers quickly navigate software creation, implementation, and deployment challenges to introduce useful and engaging connected services to drivers. For example, when Mitsubishi first started talks with Aeris, they didn’t have a connected car on the market. After evaluating various companies, Mitsubishi chose Aeris, noting the depth of our expertise and solutions. 

Throughout our partnership, we have reduced Mitsubishi’s operational complexity while rapidly building new features. Specifically, we have: 

  • Provided a proven, end-to-end, cloud-based software foundation for Mitsubishi’s connected car program
  • Handled all aspects of Mitsubishi’s connected vehicle service deployment globally, serving as a single point of contact 
  • Integrated Mitsubishi’s connected vehicles with valuable third-party services, including dealer services and smart home devices. 

Vehicle manufacturers who’ve been creating cars long before the era of connectivity already have strong reputations on the market; they’re household names around the globe. By staying true to the DNA of what makes their vehicles special, while working with the right technology partner and third-party services to keep up with the needs of consumers, vehicle manufacturers can cement their appeal for decades to come. 

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