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Make a Smart Move with Intelligent IoT Customer Service

Customer support is essential, especially in the world of technology, but it can often be subpar. In a recent IoT strategy survey given in our September 2021 security webinar, support was ranked most important by participants. When taking the complexity of launching and managing IoT programs into consideration, it’s no surprise.

IoT customer service is critical to implementing successful IoT programs. The technical requirements, such as SIM selection, device installation, rate plan selection, network transmission, device and security management, are no small feats and are best implemented in concert with a professional who understands your program applications.

Businesses seeking wireless, device-to-device communication can benefit from working with a global IoT MVNO that specializes in delivering end-to-end IoT customer service, from deployment to end of life. Working alongside technical experts to launch your programs and harnessing systems that proactively monitor your network connections can help you safely and efficiently bring new devices online, transition end-of-life devices offline, and everything in between.

Factors to consider when deploying and managing IoT programs


For starters, you’d need to identify the risk-level of your IoT programs and determine the number of devices required for your applications. You’d also need to establish where those devices will be located, if they’ll be traveling from location to location, and if you’ll need global or national coverage. How would you maximize device uptime and optimize application performance? 

SIM Selection

You’d need to select a SIM type for devices based on your IoT application. Identifying if your devices will be located primarily in one region or if they’ll be moving across regions or countries determines whether to choose a standard SIM with one carrier profile or an eSIM with two carrier profiles. How do you decide which option is best to reduce costly roaming charges?


Then you’d need to determine network reliability, signal range, and the cadence of data delivery for your IoT applications. You’d also need to decide from where and how often your devices will send data to maximize transmission efficiency. What can you do to limit unnecessary retries that increase costs and energy use, potentially reducing device battery life?

Options to simplify deploying and managing your IoT programs

Many technical requirements go into deploying and managing IoT programs, including selecting device firmware, radio modules, VPNs, cloud infrastructure, and much more. It all boils down to partnering with an IoT service provider that can walk you through the deployment process and stay with you through your entire IoT program lifecycle.

Consistent IoT customer service makes successful IoT programs possible. It begins with intelligence, systemic and human, both of which Aeris provides. When you’re ready to deploy an IoT program or if your existing programs aren’t working as efficiently and securely as they could, partnering with an IoT service provider like Aeris can make a difference. We’ve developed and own a unique cellular network infrastructure that supports every stage of your IoT program.

Whether you’re launching or scaling deployments or you’re in the process of reevaluating your current IoT program, we offer 24/7 white-glove IoT customer service and engineering support as well as on-demand, self-service tools. Our intelligent system continuously scans, diagnoses, makes recommendations to optimize reliability, detects anomalies that could pose security risks, and takes actions to prevent a potential breach.

Paired with our IoT engineering experts, our systems can help you launch and manage complex connected solutions, and quickly onboard and maintain thousands of devices across networks. With our support, you can efficiently launch and scale your programs, while optimizing coverage, usage, billing, and inventory management. What else can we do for you? Plenty.

Learn how Aeris Customer Support can also help you cut costs and increase revenue with intelligent tools and services that save you time.

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