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New Resource: 10 Questions Every Fleet Telematics Provider Should Ask Their IoT Connectivity Supplier

In the competitive market for fleet management solutions, rapid innovation is the key to standing out, beating the competition, and winning more customers. For product managers competing in this market, the pressure to rapidly get new products to market is often intense. The last thing you need is for your product to get stalled in the testing phase, with engineers struggling to configure dash cams to transmit high volumes of data, or to get GPS devices to reliably connect in regions where your connectivity provider assures you they have coverage. 

At Aeris, we have over a decade of hands-on experience helping fleet telematics providers rapidly deploy winning products around the world: from basic GPS tracking to self-install UBI devices, to inward- and outward-facing dash cams, and more. Just a few recent examples: 

  • We helped Axon Telematics get a turnkey, self-install UBI product to market in just two weeks from contract signing.
  • We helped a global video telematics provider reduce video upload latency by a whopping 70% percent, thus ungating their launch.
  • Finally, we also helped Redtail Telematics rapidly align connectivity costs with declining usage profiles in the aftermath of COVID-19. The result? Nearly 50% saved.

Today, we are harnessing our expertise in a new whitepaper: the IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide for Fleet Telematics Providers. In this guide, we list out the questions that every product manager should ask prospective IoT connectivity providers to ensure those providers not only meet all of the critical requirements for different types of telematics solutions, but also offer hands-on expert guidance to align key stakeholders in the buying process, overcome technical obstacles, and accelerate time-to-market. 

Beyond great coverage, just a few critical capabilities to look for include: 

  • Quick and consistent access to technical experts offering hands-on assistance with device configuration and testing.
  • A sales team that seeks to truly understand your business model and recommends easily adjustable rate plans that will maximize your bottom line. Beyond just fixed bundles, look for the option to choose pay-as-you-go plans, discounted pooled rates for dash cams, or pre-paid plans, ideally with no minimum contract period and no cancellation fees. 
  • Self-service tools that provide complete visibility into all device/network interactions for each device, enabling your teams to rapidly diagnose and resolve any issues in near-real time.

To learn more about what to look for in an IoT connectivity provider for your fleet telematics solution, download the IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide for Fleet Telematics Providers today.

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