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New Whitepaper: How Energy and Utilities IoT Solution Providers Can Enhance Customer Service While Managing Costs

The energy and utilities space can be very competitive. As a provider of IoT solutions to energy and utilities companies, it’s crucial to navigate operational complexities while providing reliable services to customers and complying with government regulations. 

Partnering with a Connectivity Provider to Address Complex Challenges 

The sector you’re working in (oil and gas, electricity, water, or solar), as well as the nature of your solution (monitoring or metering), will determine your company’s needs. It’s important to keep these needs in mind when selecting a connectivity provider, so you can ensure that they’ll be able to help you address specific challenges that are unique to your solution and your customers’ goals. 

Common Challenges & Solutions by Sector 


Common Challenge



Multi-tenant properties requiring hybrid solutions comprising submeters and gateways

Competitive rates and flexible reporting/billing capabilities from a provider with experience configuring hybrid systems

Oil and Gas

Propane tanks that stop transmitting data due to a connectivity issue 

A real-time alerting system that pings you, the solution provider, that there’s a data transmission lapse 


Regulatory reporting requirements for water quality

Monitoring systems with reliable connectivity and real-time alerts to enable compliance reporting


Residential panels experiencing a sudden lapse in Wi-Fi connectivity 

Cellular as failover to ensure service continuity if there’s a Wi-Fi issue 

How a Leading Provider of Water Monitoring Devices Expanded Its Reach Into New Markets 

At Aeris, we partner with energy and utilities solution providers to help them offer top-of-the-line products and services, solidify their place in the market, and expand their reach. For example, in our partnership with Detectronic, a leading provider of water monitoring devices that seeks to help water companies with regulatory and environmental compliance, we’ve: 

  • Spearheaded their migration off of legacy 2G networks, creating stronger connectivity for their devices and a better experience for their customers 
  • Provided them with high quality, reliable connectivity globally, helping them expand their reach into new markets

Detectronic is one of many energy and utility IoT solution providers who see Aeris as a long-term partner in their growth. 

How to Select a Connectivity Provider That Can Meet Your Needs

In our recent whitepaper, the IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide for Energy and Utilities Solution Providers, we dive further into how we help companies like Detectronic optimize their performance, keep costs low, navigate government regulations, and more. By reading our whitepaper, you’ll learn how to select a connectivity provider who can help you: 

  • Optimize device configuration for cost control and longevity 
  • Detect and resolve issues as soon as they happen with an extensive set of tools and streamlined processes
  • Understand and navigate the complex requirements around environmental impact reporting and responsive energy consumption alerting
  • Avoid expensive overages that can financially damage your business 
  • Consistently provide your customers with excellent service

To learn more about what to look for in an IoT connectivity provider for your energy and utilities IoT solution, download the IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide for Energy and Utilities Solution Providers today.


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