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New Whitepaper: How to Scale Your IoT Solution

Figuring out how to scale your IoT solution is a good challenge to have; you’re taking your business to new heights. Yet to scale without any major complications, you must determine how to manage thousands of connected devices around the globe, combining the right coverage footprint with effective end-to-end monitoring and management.

In our latest whitepaper, How to Scale Your IoT Solution, we take you through best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid when expanding your IoT business. We examine key elements to look for as you evaluate whether or not an IoT connectivity provider is suited to facilitate your growth, including:

  • Device configuration and testing assistance: Properly configured devices can reduce latency, optimize power consumption, minimize overages, and ensure devices are connected to the network with the strongest signal. At scale, improperly configured devices can be a killer issue.
  • Proactive end-to-end monitoring: Effective solution monitoring requires AI-based dashboards and drill-down tools that can automatically detect anomalies, characterize traffic patterns, and enable isolation of any suspect component in your entire end-to-end system.
  • Diagnostic tools: Access to tools that allow your teams to see the entire connection history for each device in your deployment is critical to enabling your support team to solve some of the most frequent, high impact issues at the device level.
Cost Optimization & Security 

In addition to getting the right foundation in place and evaluating solution performance, it’s also important to consider how your IoT connectivity provider will help you optimize connection costs and secure every connection point of your deployment. In How to Scale Your IoT Solution, we unpack the top cost and security capabilities to look for, including: 

  • High-cost carrier exclusions
  • Mid-month rate plan changes
  • Low cost cellular data for device activation and testing in the country of manufacturing
  • Embedded SIM form factors
  • Automated IMEI capture
  • Endpoint authorization
  • Unknown network alerts 
  • Multi-layer best practices
  • Device blocking
  • And much more
Uncomplicate the Complexity of Scaling 

No matter what type of IoT solution you’re looking to scale, Aeris can help you achieve connectivity around the globe. We offer resources and expertise to help you understand all of the complexities involved in connecting hundreds of thousands of devices so that you can focus on what you do best: designing and building connected solutions. 

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Aeris Intelligent IoT Network

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is the only cellular IoT network that offers performance-optimized coverage from 600 carriers globally plus end-to-end visibility into and control over your entire connected operation at scale. Join companies like Trimble, Roambee, Redtail Telematics, Bboxx, and SimplyHome who use the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network to connect devices with companies and people at massive scale. 

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