The History of M2M Infographic
From the first test in 1874, Telemetry, M2M and now the Internet of Things is changing our world. See where we have been and where we are going.
5 Things Traditional Carriers Don’t Want you to Know
The traditional carriers would rather you not know that there are alternatives for everything from M2M pricing to troubleshooting that can be customized for your business.
How Aeris is Lowering Barriers in M2M
M2M Now’s video profile of how Aeris is making M2M more profitable with custom M2M solutions for businesses of all sizes.


You Sold Your First 1000 Devices? Now What?

This webinar will offer practical advice for companies managing small M2M or IOT programs that want to make their programs more valuable to customers and of course, more profitable. Your speakers will discuss the key items to consider when planning for and executing on the growth of your connected program, like product manufacturing, billing, device selection and testing, and human capital management. We know that every M2M and IOT program is unique, so they will provide you with a framework for considering questions like:

•   How can I plan for growth?

•   What services should I outsource?

•   How should I measure success?

•   When is the right time to grow?

•   How do I identify new revenue opportunities?

The speakers will wrap up the session with a look at the future. Industry analysts are predicting billions of connected devices in the next decade. How will we get there? How big is the opportunity in your industry? What industries will scale most quickly?

Securing the Internet of Things with M2M Evolution

As more and more devices are becoming connected, threats to data and other cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent. The U.S. government is taking a more active role in protecting connected devices and new regulations are afoot. This one hour webinar will introduce participants to security concerns for M2M and IoT programs and provide the tools that you will need to assess your vulnerabilities and what you must to do protect your information.

Topics covered include:

•   Understanding what you can and cannot secure and at what cost

•   How to assess what is “secure enough” for your M2M or IoT application

•   The “risk points” for M2M and IoT applications

•   Unique security issues for M2M and IoT programs

•   How to plan for the future in terms of scaling and longevity of your program

Eye, Wrist, Body … Where is the Wearables Market Headed?

This webinar will focus on wearables for the healthcare industry and where we see the greatest short-term adoption. Healthcare is growing at unprecedented levels and health professionals need to stay educated about all the latest technological innovations. How will these wearables fit in and do they really have a place in our health and fitness?

The Rise of Mobile Health Devices for Home Health and On-the-Go

The home health market has been one of the earliest segments of healthcare to adopt digital health technologies, which have helped to move care beyond the home to anywhere the patient is. How has technology for this market evolved over the past five years? Where is it headed?

This MobiHealthNews webinar will explore these questions and more. This hour-long discussion will not only focus on the trends driving the digital health market outside of clinical settings, our speakers will also highlight established best practices for your first or next mobile health deployment. While it’s still a nascent market, first mover case studies can offer a number of valuable lessons related to technical issues, operational considerations, and patient engagement trends.

Join us for this MobiHealthNews webinar and bring your questions for the always lively Q&A period. Register for this must-attend event today!

Introduction to M2M Technologies: What Wireless or Wired Option is Right for Your Company & Products

As the M2M/IoT technology landscape evolves, so do your choices for connectivity. What is the best option for your program today, five years, and ten years from now? During this one-hour webinar, we will review the pros and cons of connectivity options including wired, wifi, cellular, satellite and more for different M2M and IoT applications.

Securing the Internet of Things

Security is foremost on the minds of anyone who is involved in the world of connected devices, M2M, or the IoT (Internet of Things). This webinar will take a closer look at how companies can protect their assets from data breaches and cyber threats that are plaguing just about every industry. Our speakers will delve into how every company needs to be prepared for these types of unannounced vulnerabilities.

The State of 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE Worldwide

The cellular industry has become so complex that it takes industry experts and researchers to keep track of all the technology developments. We have both! This recorded webinar, hosted by Connected World Magazine and featuring Aeris Communications’ CTO Syed Hosain, offers a complete overview of global cellular connectivity.

This session reviews the status of 2G and 3G GSM and CDMA and 4G LTE in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East & Asia.

If you are planning a new M2M/IoT deployment or updating your existing program, this webinar will be critical for your decision-making process.

Investing in an IoT Solution: Asking the Right Questions to Minimize TCO

IDC analyst Carrie MacGillivray will be the featured speaker during this practical session about how to prepare and manage a M2M or IoT program in order to best control costs. Ms. MacGillivray will review the IDC workbook entitled “Investing in IoT Solutions: Asking the Right Questions to Minimize TCO” and answer questions on everything from data usage costs and troubleshooting to organizational planning issues.

Who should attend?

IT, operations and business development professionals managing M2M and IoT programs who are…

•   Looking for ways to reduce short and long-term costs

•   Expanding their IoT and M2M program to include new products or geographic locations

•   Considering a technology change

Going Global with M2M & IoT: What You Must Know to Control Costs

This webinar will discuss the unique needs and challenges for deploying multi-national M2M or Internet of Things (IoT) communication programs. The session will feature a case study from Patrick Bertagna of GTX, a GPS tracking company, running a M2M program in U.S., Europe and Africa. Mr. Bertagna will discuss what worked and what he wished he had known before starting.

Who should attend?

M2M, IoT, IT, operations and business development professionals managing M2M communications programs who…

•   Are expanding their M2M or IoT deployment to new countries, OR

•   Have identified a need and budget for M2M or IoT communications and are ready to shop for global cellular connectivity and M2M application vendors, OR

•   Are considering a change from CDMA to GSM for M2M cellular connectivity.

This webinar has ended. Please check back soon for a recording.

The 2G GSM Sunset is Coming. Are you Ready?

During this webinar, Mr. Hosain will discuss your connectivity options and detailed information on the steps that you must take and by when. He will also review costs for each option, including connectivity, equipment, service and more. And of course he will answer any questions that you may have about the AT&T 2G GSM GPRS Sunset and other shutdowns around the world.

Who should attend?

Managers and executives from companies…

•   That have M2M deployments with AT&T

•   Ready to upgrade their M2M programs

•   Planning an M2M deployment

•   Concerned with future cellular network shutdowns

Advanced Planning Strategies for Telehealth

This one-hour session covers:

•   What difficulties you should anticipate when deploying a mobile telehealth device and how to minimize those issues, including certificates and device approvals?

•   According to HIT research, big data could save the US healthcare system more that $3B annually. What kinds of data should your company be tracking and how to leverage it to manage risk, reduce errors, lower costs, improve customer service and patient outcomes?

•   How to reduce the time to treatment for emergent patients.

•   The growing importance of smartphones and smartphone applications and the latest methods for building compliant apps more quickly and easily

Who should watch this webinar?

Managers and executives in the healthcare profession responsible for organizational planning or technical deployment of a telehealth solution will find this session valuable. Organizations that have already determined that it will deploy telehealth – for cardiac rhythm management, sleep therapy, medication adherence, ambulatory ECG, blood, glucose monitoring and more – will find this advanced session particularly helpful.