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How to Make Money Using Application Enablement Platforms in M2M & IOT
This report shows how AerCloud, Aeris’s M2M application enablement platform, gives businesses unprecedented access high-value information they are using for strategic advantage.
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Harness the Power of Your M2M Data with AerCloud

AerCloud is the next generation of Application Enablement Platforms (AEP). This cloud-based platform offers the most advanced data management functionality available today for M2M applications.

Forget the traditional M2M solutions that can only post raw data to stovepipe applications. Say hello to real answers with AerCloud’s groundbreaking cloud architecture. Aeris is now making it possible for your organization to benefit fully from your M2M data. AerCloud will enable you to quickly and easily build applications that access high-value business information. With unprecedented access to this data, you can transform your business, easily and cost effectively.

Key functionalities include:

  • Secure, reliable storage, processing and publishing of M2M data that scales to millions of applications and billions of devices as needed
  • Data analytics that mine knowledge from M2M data and extracts high-business value in real-time
  • A secure data sharing interface that enables M2M data to be consumed by 3rd parties
  • A vertical extensions framework that provides a range of key M2M specific functionalities for use in applications at development time.

Primary Users

AerCloud can be easily integrated into M2M solutions at the time of development and will prove invaluable to:

  • Providers of end-to-end machine-to-machine solutions
  • Manufacturers of connected products
  • Developers of applications for M2M and the Internet

Key Benefits of AerCloud

Benefits Description
Reduce time-to-market for M2M solution AerCloud reduces your cost and time to develop M2M applications. In most M2M implementations, the reduction in development time is 60% or more.
Enable you to focus on core competencies when developing M2M application AerCloud’s abstraction layer provides M2M data management for applications and eliminates programming effort to integrate M2M devices into the applications. Now you can focus on value rather than only the base infrastructure of your M2M solutions.
Deliver critical business insights AerCloud mines your M2M data both offline (Big Data) and in real-time (Fast Data) to extract operable, decision-making information and deliver true value for your business.
Highly scalable The AerCloud architecture enables unparalleled scalability, and supports billions of devices and millions of internet-scale endpoints and subscribing applications. In leveraging AerCloud’s load balancing and auto-scaling capabilities, customers have nearly unlimited data capacity for their solutions.
High availability AerCloud’s unique data-centric, cloud-based architecture ensures high availability of your M2M data. AerCloud instances are replicated across multiple zones and geographies/regions to protect against any network interruption, and equipment failure, and even a major disaster.
Security The AerCloud agent provides a reliable and secure connection between the connected devices and AerCloud.
Reveal new business models and opportunities AerCloud’s Data Sharing Interface enables you to share your M2M data with third parties. You can thus create new revenue models and develop whole new business opportunities, and significantly increase the value of your M2M data.
Support richer and more functional applications with Aeris connectivity AerCloud can be used with any communication connectivity, but when paired with Aeris M2M connectivity service, AerCloud has access to all network signaling data, enabling even richer and more functional applications.


M2M Data Management

AerCloud provides a critical abstraction layer between your connected devices and applications. When integrating AerCloud into your developments, your M2M solutions can rely on the most scalable and reliable AEP in the industry to manage your M2M data.

Delivered as a cloud service, AerCloud enables unparalleled scalability and supports billions of devices and millions of subscribing applications Thanks to AerCloud’s advanced load balancing and auto-scaling capabilities, your solutions will automatically have nearly unlimited data capacity. Designed with the same mission-critical reliability that powers all Aeris products, AerCloud offers advanced failover capabilities, including geographic redundancy, to ensure seamless service in case of any unexpected event.

We have architected AerCloud as an open system: you can connect any device streaming data over an IP network to AerCloud via any communication technology and multiple protocols like http, https and MQTT. Also, AerCloud’s standardized REST APIs allows your devices to easily and without complex integration, stream data into any M2M applications. AerCloud ensures the straightforward delivery of M2M data by the two flexible mechanisms featured by AerCloud:

  • Long-polling – data is stored locally in AerCloud until the application requests it; and
  • Notification – data is pushed to the application, as soon as it is available.

M2M Analytics

AerCloud features the most advanced batch and real-time data analytics service in the M2M industry, significantly expanding the scope and capabilities of traditional Application Enablement Platforms. Using AerCloud, M2M applications have access to high-value business data that facilitates decision-making in the enterprise. It becomes possible with AerCloud to identify a truck exhibiting dangerous road behavior in a fleet management system, detect a water leak from a water meter, or predict potential risks for the user of a wellness solution. And when paired with Aeris M2M connectivity service, AerCloud has access to all network signaling data, enabling even richer and more functional applications.

Data Sharing

AerCloud enables you to multiply the value of your M2M data. Now that you can gather and manipulate the data so easily, you have the opportunity to identify and create new revenue models and generate new business opportunities. Thanks to its unique Data Sharing Interface, AerCloud also allows you to share M2M data with your partners and your customers. With AerCloud, the use of M2M data is no longer limited to your specific solutions; you can easily, flexibly and securely grant access to your data to other parties and then enable them to enrich and optimize their own applications with your data.

Vertical Extensions Framework

AerCloud facilitates and speeds up the development of M2M applications by offering a powerful framework, which enables the creation of services leveraging AerCloud’s baseline architecture. These services feature some of the most common and relevant building blocks across M2M applications and verticals. For example, vertical extensions such as Geo-grid or nearby-asset search can be easily integrated into your M2M applications at implementation time, thus leading to a reduction in your overall project development time.