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3 Pitfalls of Transitioning Connectivity Technologies

While the advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT) have proven to be robust and effective, there are some red flags, or pitfalls, that consumers need to know BEFORE they transition from one connectivity protocol, say LTE, to another, such as LTE-M. This webinar focused on three of those issues. It also talked about easy-to-apply solutions to each. Red flags to recognize and understand include:

  • Restricted Coverage: The impact of single carrier LTE-M coverage on your IoT devices
  • Lack of Connectivity Management: Implications of LTE-M network constraints due to lack of connectivity management insights
  • Inadequate Support: The hidden costs resulting from less than optimal support, expertise, and transparency

Aeris Solution

Aeris cellular coverage is global in nature with always-on reliability. Being both carrier- and technology-agnostic, Aeris has the partnerships, expertise, and experience to help business achieve greater success through the Internet of Things. This is done with connectivity solutions, connectivity management oversight, and a level of support not seen elsewhere in the industry.

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Aeris is dedicated to ensuring that your devices and applications work on the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network at the level that meets all your business needs. Additionally, Aeris has developed Infinity Support to provide the critical capabilities you need to achieve breakthrough performance in operational efficiency and solution uptime. All enterprise customers automatically receive Infinity Support.

The Path Forward

Transitioning a large-scale IoT solution can be daunting. You need a subject matter expert that can guide you through the conversion of existing connected devices to a more favorable technology, while managing your resources on one platform, regardless of project location, previous technology used, or the number of devices in your deployment.

Aeris IoT connectivity solutions simplify the IoT deployment process from start to finish while providing better reliability, performance, visibility, and control so that your deployment operates at peak performance.

Register today for our webinar as Aeris experts define not only the problem you want to avoid, but supply the pathways to transitioning to another technology.

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