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Beat the Competition to Market with LTE-M and Remote Updates

Launch early. Launch fast. Update as needed with Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA.

LTE-M brings new standards to low-power, wide area technologies, allowing a carrier to update software on its network without spending additional funds on infrastructure or support services. With lower-priced modules, better signal penetration, and extended battery life, LTE-M has the potential to optimize all IoT business models. In addition, the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network has incorporated advanced LTE-M functionality. Due to issues such as software bugs and security gaps, device makers require a capability to remotely update their software via over-the-air (OTA) updates in a scalable way.

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Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA: Easing the Update Process

A well-designed product takes time to develop. Rather than aiming to load up and perfect an IoT solution before releasing it, device owners can deploy a minimally viable product immediately into the field or to the end user, and continuously update security software and incrementally add features through regular over-the-air updates. Aeris OTA allows companies to experience increased market growth without having to deal with minute issues that can prohibit the functionality of IoT devices and put the brakes on scaling and product development.

With the click of a button, OTA updates can be installed in thousands of IoT devices at once rather than engaging in manual modifications one at a time. OTA updates increase efficiency by minimizing the need to send technicians into the field, saving owners time and money, and allowing IoT products to be more scalable.

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Using the Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA solution, you can beat the competition to market, deploy updates for software bugs that need to be fixed, security gaps that need to be closed, and enabling new product features with the right capabilities. Protection of IoT devices from security threats and software bugs can increase the longevity of each physical piece of IoT equipment and enhance the functionality throughout a devices lifespan. Aeris does that. And more.

To learn more about how Aeris can provide reliable connectivity and updates to your IoT devices with OTA, sign up for our webinar on July 17th.

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