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Controlling Costs with Automated Alert and Service Blocking

In an ideal world, the behavior of connected devices would be entirely predictable. In reality, everything from seasonal usage fluctuations to firmware bugs, failed OTA updates, and security breaches can result in sudden and sometimes costly data overages. 

Automated alerts (to notify you of abnormal device behavior) and automatic service blocking (which pause data services for devices behaving abnormally) help to prevent overages before they occur. While many cellular connectivity providers offer automated alerts and service blocking, few have a deep enough integration into underlying carrier networks to detect and prevent overages in near real-time. Some providers experience delays lasting as long as 24 hours between device behavior and related alerts/blocks, which can lead to all sorts of problems, from undetected security threats to hundreds of thousands of dollars in overages for larger deployments.

Aeris’ deep integration into multiple carrier networks allows us to detect and respond to data overages in minutes. This fast response time combined with self-service diagnostic tools provide the key pieces to control costs and fix issues quickly.

To learn more about how automated alert and blocking can help deployments at scale control data overage costs contact Aeris today.

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