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LTE-M IP Shoulder Tap Enables Cost-Efficient Communication with Devices in Power Saving Mode

For device makers with battery powered-devices deployed for years, striking a balance between turning off communications to extend device battery life and reaching devices to perform critical actions can be a challenge.

To address this challenge, Aeris has extended its pioneering Shoulder Tap architecture to add support for LTE-M battery powered devices.  

The LTE-M Shoulder Tap APIs from Aeris use IP packet data to provide a lower cost method to send shoulder tap messages without waking devices up. Over 30 IP shoulder tap messages can be sent for the cost of one SMS message. Shoulder taps are processed by each device when the device is awake and listening for messages. They can be sent individually or in a batch of up to 1000 devices with payloads of up to 140 bytes.

IP Shoulder Tap requires a cellular modem that supports data connections and is designed for customers creating new battery powered LTE-M devices.

Full documentation about the Shoulder Tap API can be found here.

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