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New Feature: Ava, the Aeris Virtual Assistant, Streamlines Connectivity Management

When managing an IoT deployment, businesses need to keep constant tabs on the status of each connected device in near real-time, so that they may quickly and easily detect and resolve any issues. The challenge is that many connectivity management tools require multiple steps to accomplish basic device management tasks like retrieving device identification details, status, location, and traffic history. Worse yet, taking corrective action to troubleshoot devices often requires simultaneously accessing device information on one screen, and using another screen to block, suspend, or cancel a device to stop unwanted behavior.

One powerful tool that empowers businesses to quickly resolve issues in near real-time is the chatbot. Today we are excited to announce Ava, the Aeris Virtual Assistant, which is a chatbot integrated in the Aeris AerPort connectivity management portal.

Ava provides a single, intuitive, conversational interface that customers can use to request information about their IoT devices (such as the associated IMEI, connection status, connection history, and location), and perform common commands (such as blocking, suspending, or canceling service).

Ava provides customers with quick access to one of the device management and diagnostic tools that Aeris’ own support teams use to investigate and resolve connectivity issues.

Ava is accessible today to AerPort users with Admin or Technical level access. To access Ava, click on the chat icon containing the Aeris Logo on the right side of the AerPort navigation bar.

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