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New Feature: Aeris Launches a Simple, Secure, and Reliable Way to Deliver IoT Data to the Cloud

As IoT solutions grow in scale and complexity, businesses are increasingly leveraging computing resources from public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to get their IoT solutions up and running faster. One challenge that all companies must solve is putting in place a mechanism to securely and reliably transfer data from their connected devices through a cellular connection to their cloud environment. 

Today, most companies use either the public internet or a VPN to secure this connection, but neither option is ideal. The public internet has suboptimal security and is susceptible to congestion since traffic is intermingled with all types of internet traffic from video streaming services to social media to general web and email traffic. VPNs can provide a secure method to deliver data across the public internet, but they can be complex and costly to set up, are still affected by congestion on the public internet, and introduce another potential point of failure that must be monitored. 

As part of Aeris’ commitment to offer better and more secure solutions for customers to transfer their connected device data, Aeris has introduced Aeris Cloud Connect, which provides a direct, private connection between the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network and each customer’s AWS cloud instance. Cloud Connect uses an underlying MPLS connection to enable data from IoT devices to be transferred directly to the cloud, without the need for a VPN and without sending data over the public internet. 

Cloud Connect offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Faster time-to-market: Aeris Cloud Connect can be easily configured through a few drop down menus in AWS in less than a day, accelerating time to market. By comparison VPNs take 4-7 days to acquire and manually configure.
  • Superior reliability and security. Cloud Connect offers better uptime compared to VPNs. It also eliminates exposure to the public internet (a point of vulnerability) without introducing another point of failure (VPN) into the solution, improving end-to-end reliability and security, while reducing troubleshooting time. 
  • Lower latency and higher performance.  Cloud Connect uses a MPLS connection to provide a faster and more stable connection than the public internet, which causes congestion.

Aeris regularly releases new products and features that are designed to eliminate roadblocks and operational headaches, helping you get to market quickly and scale rapidly, while improving the overall performance and reliability of your connected product or service. To learn more about Cloud Connect and how it can provide a private, reliable connection to your cloud, download the product sheet.

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