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New Feature: Near Real-Time Network Status Indicator Accelerates Issue Diagnosis & Resolution

Aeris customers know that complex IoT networks involving interconnected devices and software systems require active monitoring and management to ensure system reliability. When connectivity issues arise, customer service teams need to be able to rapidly diagnose the root cause, so that they can put the appropriate technical teams to work and communicate effectively with end users who might be experiencing issues.

As part of Aeris’ commitment to help customers rapidly detect, diagnose, and resolve issues anywhere in their end-to-end system, we’ve enhanced the AerPort connectivity management portal to display near real-time status information for all Aeris connectivity services in a simplified visual status indicator. The new status indicator changes color to notify customer service teams of an issue and links directly to the Aeris Connectivity Service Status Page, which provides full details on the status of all Aeris connectivity services. The Status Page provides up-to-the-minute status for services including network products, network features (such as data, SMS, and voice), the connectivity management portal, and API services.

The Aeris Connectivity Service Status Page helps customers quickly isolate the root cause of connectivity issues and track the status of the actions to resolve them. The Status Page helps customers plan for scheduled maintenance and conveniently determine if a network impairment is the result of planned maintenance or a network issue that requires further attention. Additionally the page provides regular updates from the Aeris operations team regarding detected issues, issue status, and anticipated time to resolution. Finally, the Status Page also invites customers to subscribe or unsubscribe to receive near-real-time notifications via email, SMS or webhook for changes in network state and availability for each Aeris connectivity service.

For companies looking for better visibility into and control over their end-to-end connected system, the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is the only cellular IoT network built from the ground up to enable customers to rapidly detect, diagnose and resolve issues anywhere they may occur – from device to network to application. The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network provides performance-optimized multicarrier 2G, 3G, LTE and LTE-M coverage from 600 carriers across 190 countries, and comes with access to the Aeris connectivity management portal and API-based tools to help you control costs, and deliver the highest possible quality of service for your customers.

To find out more about the AerPort connectivity management portal and how its improvements carry forward the Aeris promise to enable customers to quickly and easily connect and manage their cellular devices contact Aeris today.

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