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New Guide Lists the Vetting Questions that Most IoT Connectivity Providers Hope You Won’t Ask

When it comes to IoT, cellular connectivity represents a complex landscape—with coverage, cost control, support, and security capabilities varying significantly from provider to provider. Add to that the fact that many providers overstate their offerings, and that few people shopping for cellular connectivity are deeply familiar with the inner workings of cellular IoT networks, and confusion compounds. The combination of complexity and hype can make it difficult for shoppers to separate marketing fluff from real and valuable capabilities.

To help customers more easily distinguish providers from one another and home in on the critical capabilities that can make or break success at scale, Aeris created the IoT Connectivity Buyers Guide. The guide lists the key questions to ask prospective providers as you shop, and provides experience-based explanations as to why these questions matter and what to look for in their responses. Some of the key questions include:

  • If my devices are mobile and routinely operate in remote areas, can you help me select carriers on the fly to ensure coverage everywhere?
  • Do you provide complete visibility into my deployment from device through the cloud? What tools do you have to help me determine the cause of an SMS delivery failure?
  • How do you ensure that my devices only connect to authorized endpoints?
  • Can you customize my rate plans on both a per-application and a per-device basis to meet my varying transmission needs?

The Guide is the latest in a series of whitepapers created to document Aeris’ more than two decades of experience helping companies deploy and manage over 15 million connected devices sending more than 1.4 billion messages per day. Aeris built its core network technology and its expert team from the ground up to solve IoT connectivity challenges that weren’t being addressed by others. With devices in every corner of the globe, from customers who are just starting out to those with over a million connected devices, from fleet management solutions to smart metering, remote patient monitoring, and more, Aeris has developed product features and expertise to address the full range of barriers to success at scale.

With so many choices available, and the success of your connected product at stake, it’s critical to know what to look for as you assemble your requirements and before you start shopping for an IoT connectivity provider. To find out more about how to choose the right IoT connectivity provider download the buyer’s guide here.

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