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Open Source Python SDK for Aeris Connectivity APIs: Automate Key Device Management Workflows

Python has emerged as a go-to scripting language, and is commonly used by Aeris customers for AI/ML and workflow development. To enable our customers to more easily automate key solution management workflows using their language of first choice, Aeris is excited to release a new, open source Python SDK.

The Python Software Development Kit provides a convenient CLI for the Aeris Connectivity APIs, and serves as example code for customers to write their own API integrations, reducing coding efforts, and accelerating time-to-market.

In particular, the Python SDK enables customers to create Python scripts to more rapidly integrate APIs that automate the following workflows:

  • Device provisioning and status
  • Device management and control, including text messaging
  • Device reports

The SDK package is available for use by all Aeris connectivity customers who code in Python and are looking for ways to automate device management workflows.

“By providing it open source, we expect that developers will adapt and extend the SDK’s functionality to better meet their needs, and to develop ways of interacting with Aeris APIs, benefitting the entire Aeris developer community.”

Emilee Pierce, Sr. Director of Product Marketing | Aeris

How can I use this resource? You can find the project on GitHub here. It’s listed in the Python Package Index (pypi) library, and ready to be installed with pip (see

Documentation for the Aeris Connectivity APIs is available here.

For more information on this or other Aeris products, contact us.

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