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Safeguard Your Network with Intelligent Security

As our world becomes more connected, security becomes even more important. Connected devices are growing in prevalence, becoming essential for living safe and productive lives, which means they need protection from cyber threats like IT systems do. According to cloud security company Zscaler, only 24 percent of IoT traffic is encrypted; in contrast, Google reports 95 percent of web traffic is encrypted. 

With that much unencrypted communication, connected devices are vulnerable to security threats. In fact, IoT cyberattacks are on the rise. As programs expand and scale, the attack surface widens because of the number of devices and their wide distribution, increasing their exposure to bad actors. Without a comprehensive security approach that transcends device, application, and data protection, you are at risk of being attacked by increasingly sophisticated threat actors that can compromise your devices—and your business. 

Network Security 

IoT devices are susceptible to a wide variety of vulnerabilities and threats like SIM misuse, data breaches, and ransomware. Much like traditional IT/OT networks, the IoT cellular network is a potentially accessible corridor of information. Without an added layer of visibility and protection at the network level, it can be an open door to malicious actors looking for a way to access your systems and steal customer information, intellectual property, financial data, and more.  

A breach from a single connected device can lead to a breach of IT systems in your organization. This is where cellular IoT network security intervenes. It helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing your internal network through a compromised device. With traffic visibility and synthesized insights, network security adds protection by alerting you to changes in configuration or network traffic so they can be addressed before a loss occurs. 

Aeris Intelligent Security Center 

Our network security isn’t a rip-and-replace solution. Rather, it’s a supplemental layer of protection that complements and strengthens your existing security measures. Using a secure-by-design approach built on an intelligent IoT network, it helps you prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats within minutes. By applying multiple security features at each of these stages, you’re equipped to recognize and resolve risks before they become costly breaches.   

The Aeris Intelligent Security Center leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide enhanced visibility into device connectivity and deep forensic analysis of data traffic patterns. It gives you the ability to monitor device behavior and act on suspicious activity in near real time. This innovative, dynamic software also identifies Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and quantifies your security risk level through a regularly updated Security Risk Score (SRS). 

To learn more about how the Aeris Intelligent Security Center can secure your connected devices, download our free eBook: Solving Cellular IoT Security Challenges with an Intelligent Network or contact us. 

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