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Transitioning to LTE-M for Next-Generation Deployment: An Aeris webinar

When it comes to launching and managing your LTE-M deployment, you may not have all the information you need to execute successfully. For example, networks still are being deployed, coverage holes do exist, and coverage maps can be misleading. How will that impact your solution? What do you need to consider about your devices network that will get you to its best performance?

Join our subject matter expert, Evan Whitelock, Product Marketing Manager, as he talks about the power and challenges of LTE-M and how Aeris solves these LTE-M challenges today. Topics include:

  • Coverage reality: How to navigate the evolving coverage footprint
  • Network nuances: What is different (power saving mode, limited throughput) and how to design a successful deployment
  • Data protection: Solutions to monitor and prevent data leaks

LTE-M: The More You Know, the Easier the Transition

LTE-M is a bi-directional, standards-based protocol within the same spectrum as LTE. This low-power, wide-area (LPWA) technology features enhanced indoor and subterranean coverage; is designed for low-bandwidth uses thereby extending battery life; reduces data transport costs (via non-continuous transmittal schedules); and comes with the added benefit of making use of less expensive radio modules. LTE-M was born from LTE, a globally deployed wireless protocol. LTE-M can piggyback on already existing LTE infrastructure, thereby ensuring a wide coverage footprint.

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How the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network + LTE-M: The Path to Success

Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is the first-ever intelligent 5G-ready solution designed to enable innovation specifically for LTE-M deployments. It provides flexibility across carrier networks and technologies, thereby delivering better performing device connectivity; deep control and visibility to streamline and simplify operations; connectivity-aware application functionality to harmonize next-gen applications and network data; and an evolving network and feature set to drive IoT innovation. Here are just a few of the benefits of combining Aeris and LTE-M:

Get to Market Quickly: Deploy quickly. Get to market faster. Update device software as needed with built-in Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA APIs. OTA updates can be deployed to thousands of IoT devices at once rather than requiring each device in the field to be manually modified.

Device and Data Security: Enhanced security features reduce loss and provide valuable analytics data about misuse. Aeris offers ConnectionLock, which restricts device communications to select destinations, providing a key additional layer of defense.

Total Control:The Aeris AerPort dashboard provides a single portal for managing global deploymentswith end-to-end device lifecycle management, billing optimization, connectivity analytics, and access to customer support.

Costs Less to Implement, to Operate:Lower hardware costs and reducing operating costs through battery optimized data transmission.

Reliable Global Coverage:Unmatched global coverage through partnerships with multiple wireless operators.

Join our LTE-M webinar on February 12, 2020, at 11a.m.

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