Aeris IoT Services


From Insight to Improvements: Aeris IoT Services Platform

The Aeris IoT Services platform is a comprehensive IoT solution geared to enhance revenue, create new services and business models, and provide a distinct market differentiation, creating distance between your company and the competitors.

Aeris IoT Services provides an end-to-end modular technology platform that enables customers to make the pivotal change from unconnected product to connected services offerings. This journey is a challenging and complex process and Aeris has the knowledge, experience, and technology to implement, accelerate, and optimize these services, which include connectivity, storage, analytics, and service layer functionality.


Locate and Assess: Aeris IoT Asset Management

Aeris IoT Asset Management provides the service-layer functionality for your IoT solution. Provided through web and mobile interfaces, the Aeris IoT Asset Management solution provides asset oversight, tracking, advanced analytics and machine learning, bringing together the complete set of IoT services functionality into a complete, ready-to-deploy solution.

Extending the Ownership Experience: Aeris IoT Automotive Services

The Aeris IoT Automotive Services delivery platform enables automakers to customize connected vehicle solutions in order to create a better driving and ownership experience.

As a trusted and proven partner with more than a decade in the IoT sector, Aeris is the only suppler offering the complete technology stack for global services that can be completely tailored for specific needs. In fact, the Aeris platform consists of various technology layers that are modular so you can select only what you need and even incorporate your own connectivity technology or carrier / operator of your choice. Services include wireless connectivity; carrier management; call center enablement; a device management platform; business intelligence/data analytics and monetization processes; global reach; program delivery; hosting; security; and customer management.


Collect and Control in the Cloud: Aeris IoT Data Management

Aeris IoT Data Management, the Aeris cloud platform, provides the foundation to store and manage data in a highly scalable and secure environment. The software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based model and pay-as-you grow pricing plan represents no upfront infrastructure investment.

Real-Time Data Insights: Aeris IoT Analytics

Aeris IoT Analytics helps companies understand the data collected by their deployed devices, which can lead to a decrease in business expenditures, reduction in equipment outages and downtime, and improvements in business operations. The findings can be presented immediately through the web, mobile apps, and APIs.


Data Acquisition and Integration: Aeris IoT Connectivity

Aeris is built for IoT, with an operational reach in more than 190 countries, managing a total of more than one billion IoT events per day. And, unlike other providers, the Aeris carrier-agnostic solution comes pre-configured, with certified hardware that provides GSM, CDMA, and LTE connectivity, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and LTE-M. Additionally, Aeris provides a single portal for managing a global deployment, which means one login for billing, support, APIs, VPN, and more.

Device Monitoring and Management Portal: Aeris AerPort

Aeris AerPort provides device management oversight, easily provisioning devices, activating billing, providing location and tracing capabilities, suspending or canceling devices, and providing an access to customer support. This asset-awareness platform monitors the device footprint with real- time metrics for alerts related to usage, overage, roaming, costs, and device behavior.


Flexible, Usage-Based Plans: Aeris IoT Billing

Aeris IoT Billing is designed specifically for device lifecycle billing management (during activation, suspension, etc.) and supports a myriad of rollover and pooling policies. Additionally, it is flexible enough to support multiple business models, such as fixed and variable billing services measuring remote asset utilization and feature sets.

Securing the System

Aeris has the tools and expertise to mitigate risks with the responsible development of IoT applications. Aeris believes that IoT needs security at the design stage, and not as an afterthought.

Deriving Value from One Solution

Built for IoT and road tested at scale, Aeris IoT Services helps organizations, big and small, capture and use data from thousands of disparate endpoints and devices, at unprecedented volumes and speed, to identify changes and respond proactively.

For more in-depth information on Aeris IoT solutions, download our Solutions Brief.