No Limits on Device & Network Visibility with AerPort
Using new technologies like crowdsourcing, Aeris offers a truly innovative portal for our customers to maintain and troubleshoot their M2M application.
Aeris – the Complete M2M Service Provider
This report explains how Aeris can help your business by dramatically reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams.
The Application Enablement Platform 2.0 is Here
Want more details about AerCloud? Check out this data sheet to read technical specifications and more.

Aeris Enterprise Edition

Your business demands operational efficiency and optimal performance to keep costs down and customers satisfied. Whether you build cars, medical devices or smart meters, you need optimized M2M connectivity at a price that fits your business model. Aeris leads the industry in providing our customers with reliable, flexible connectivity and technology solutions that will help you lower your total cost of ownership.

Developing and deploying an M2M solution is complex. Aeris prides itself on helping our customers strengthen their market position by creating innovative M2M solutions, unique business models, and the highest level of reliability without the limitations of traditional carriers. Large companies like Honda, Hyundai and Bosch have chosen Aeris because of our single-minded focus M2M customers. This extends to everything that we do – our processes, people, and platforms. And regardless of the size of your company or deployment, we guarantee that you will receive the best services and solutions in the industry.

A Complete M2M Solution Made for Machines™

As an operator and a technology provider, Aeris can offer end-to-end M2M solutions for even the most demanding customers. Our CDMA and GSM solutions not only give you the highest network reliability, but also the flexibility to connect to whatever cellular network will give you the best signal. Our technology solutions, including our AerPort customer portal gives you the most comprehensive, real-time device management and diagnostic tools available. We can help you troubleshoot problems faster and dramatically reduce lost time and revenue.


Aeris Communications is a complete, end-to-end M2M Service Provider. In addition to our M2M management platform, we offer M2M connectivity for both 2G and 3G GSM and CDMA at the industry’s most competitive rates for M2M programs of every size.


Aeris’ Connectivity Enablement Platform provides unprecedented visibility into your network and devices. Offering extensive alerts and reports in a crowd-sourced solution, AerPort will simplify your reporting and identify issues with your devices and network faster.

Whether you need a M2M solution for commercial fleets, consumer vehicles, security/alarm, healthcare, point-of-sale, monitoring & control or a utility, our seasoned team of experts will ensure that your M2M solution gives you a competitive edge and helps you to exceed business goals.

Contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business and how Aeris can help you to develop a M2M solution that makes sense for your business.


Aeris’ M2M Application Enablement Platform offers key functionalities for M2M solutions to leverage their most valuable data. AerCloud provides a critical abstraction layer between connected devices and applications, such that neither communicates directly with each other, but rather through AerCloud. Designed with a data-centric architecture, AerCloud makes it simple for M2M solution providers, connected product manufacturers and application developers to collect and store data, and mine the data for critical business insights, or securely publish the data to applications and third parties.