Automotive Telematics
for IoT Finance

Aeris supports major finance companies with innovative IoT vehicle and connectivity solutions.


Developing Sustainable Finance Services

Keeping track of vehicles in the field, as well as the drivers behind the wheel, can be a make-it or break-it proposition for many finance companies. IoT has the ability to extract great value from the data organizations generate. And with this data, finance companies can gain the security they need in order to finance fleets of vehicles.

Confidently extend credit to drivers with no credit history. Identify under-performing assets before they default. And expedite repossession with remote vehicle tracking and immobilization.

Reduce Non-Performing Asset Loans

Identify potential non-performing asset (NPA) based on usage. Additionally, each asset can be assigned NPA tags so as to easily search and track. Then review in-depth reports regarding NPA reasons and details. 

Higher Recovery Rates

Continuously monitor asset location and status to improve recovery potential. Then quickly recover the assets via 24/7 tracking and asset immobilization capabilities. All this means that with faster asset recovery, asset depreciation slows.

Asset Maintenace

Set up maintenance schedule with alerts for upcoming needed actions for vehicle upkeep. Easily enter and archive all maintenance records for historical view of vehicle performance.

Asset Usage Tracking

Gain a complete view of driver and vehicle. Track asset based on distance, time of usage, fuel consumption, location status, driver behavior, driving scores, and much more. Additionally, obtain alerts and reports for vehicle incidents, geo-fencing, illegal vehicle usage, or theft.

How It Works

Aeris makes a leasing solution easy to implement, easy to use, and highly beneficial for leasing managers. Here is how Aeris does it:

Install and Connect

Partner devices are connected to the asset. Performance data, diagnostics, and location then are sent through the partner or Aeris network to the Aeris Mobility Platform.

Pair Device, Vehicle, and Operator

Detailed data regarding vehicle (make and model) and operator (name, phone, email, etc.) are uploaded into the system.

Integrate with Internal Systems

Asset location, trip history, usage monitoring, account settings, operator behavior and scoring, hard driving events, fuel usage, diagnostics, and alerts are integrated with the platform via well-defined APIs―leading to faster management decisions.

Track, Manage, and Report

Interactive web and mobile interface allow for easy management of assets. Data analytics then report on vehicle and driver functions, such as historic route data; operating patterns; assets usage trends; performance comparisons; most visited locations and routes; and much more.

Implementing an IoT solution can be complex but, at Aeris, we pride ourselves on making it simpler. Learn more about our IoT finance solutions.