Blog New Resource Helps Customers Extend Useful Life of Battery Powered IoT Devices

LTE-M has power management modes that extend the battery life for IoT cellular devices. Enabling the modes differs for cellular modules from different manufacturers and can be time consuming to figure out. Aeris engineers conducted extensive testing and documented how to configure the power management modes for cellular modules from major manufacturers in order to reduce the development time for IoT devices.

Media Coverage Interview with Eran Netanel, VP Automotive Engineering, Aeris, Shortlisted for the Outstanding Contributions to Automotive Technology

Article by Tu-Automotive: Eran Netanel is an entrepreneur and technologist with more than 25 years of experience building technology and teams that reshape legacy industries. As VP Automotive Engineering at Aeris, Eran is leveraging his deep experience in cybersecurity, mobile networking, and edge and cloud computing technologies to help automotive OEMs achieve their vision to transform the way that cars are bought, sold, serviced, and used…

Media Coverage Aeris Joins 5G Open Innovation Lab as a Technology Partner

Article by IoT Evolution World: Aeris recently announced that it has joined the newly launched 5G Open Innovation Lab, an ecosystem for developers, enterprises, carriers and technology leaders, focused on helping startups utilize 5G to develop new capabilities, use cases and market categories…

Blog Making Sense of IoT’s Quantum Future: Its Potential Impact on IoT Security

Quantum computing often sounds too good to be true. The name alone has that futuristic flair that verges on buzzword territory. When explained in the detail it deserves, the concept can be difficult to introduce to laymen in a way that makes the benefits obvious. Everyone’s familiar with the concept of bits, those zeroes-and-ones on-and-off […]