Blog Making Sense of IoT’s Quantum Future: Its Potential Impact on IoT Security

Quantum computing often sounds too good to be true. The name alone has that futuristic flair that verges on buzzword territory. When explained in the detail it deserves, the concept can be difficult to introduce to laymen in a way that makes the benefits obvious. Everyone’s familiar with the concept of bits, those zeroes-and-ones on-and-off […]

Blog Using Biometrics to Secure Healthcare Data

Since biometric data, such as fingerprints, faces, and irises, are relatively unchanging and unique to each individual, they represent a stronger method for security and user authentication than more traditional data protections.

Press Releases Aeris launches Smart Fleet Platform

Aeris Communications announces the launch of Smart Fleet Platform – the industry’s first end-to-end connected platform and telematics solution for the fleet owners.

Events Webinar: IoT Connectivity: The Move From 3G to LPWAN to 5G and Beyond

Join Aeris CTO, Syed Z. Hosain, as he explains aspects of technology choices, connectivity reliability, battery life, and cost. Hear from the insider who can help you choose the right connectivity for your IoT deployment. Learn about LTE-M – the newest evolution in cellular technology, as well as Wi-fi connectivity and satellite networks.