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Global Scaling of IoT Deployments: More than Just Adding Devices (Webinar)

Once underway, every enterprise wants to grow. And it is no different in this era of IoT. But scaling to a global level, with hundreds of thousands of connected devices, makes the process difficult to initiate and hard to secure. As a result, many organizational deployments are moving at a much slower pace or, worse case scenario, not moving at all.

It is nearly impossible to manually manage every connection when your IoT deployment consists of many thousands of devices, in multiple countries, having to deal with assorted connectivity providers and technologies. There are better ways. In this webinar, we examine some of the hurdles to IoT scaling, as well as key considerations to de-risking a global deployment.

Please join us as 451 Research and Aeris subject matter experts share the opportunities, challenges, and recent trends of scaling from small, localized IoT projects to global services that operate across national borders. Learn how 451 Research and Aeris incorporate real-world experience and emerging technologies to help de-risk and simplify your global expansion.

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Our webinar subject matter experts, Amit Khetawat, VP of Product Management at Aeris, and Brian Partridge, Research Vice President at 451 Research provide insights and answers to IoT scaling issues and trends, including:

  • De-risking your IoT scaling investments by choosing the right cellular technologies and partners for global reach.
  • Leveragingemerging technologies to engage with distribution channels in a scalable manner.
  • How to plan for compliance, security on a global scale.
  • Where are the sectors of IoT growth? Emerging markets?
  • And what are some of the inhibitors to growth in those markets.

Businesses need to understand the issues they may face, so that they can choose the right partner to help them grow as they implement IoT plans and expand their device fleet. Managing thousands and thousands of devices is not a trivial undertaking, so its important to get this right from the outset. The first step would be to partner with experienced IoT professionals.

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The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network makes it easy and cost-effective to grow from single region deployments to global implementations without the operational complexity of managing connectivity solutions. Additionally, the Aeris network adds the flexibility of carrier mobility through subscription management, multi-IMSI solutions, or by pairing the wireless subscription to the personal plan of end users, all of which enhance the scaling journey.

Start off right knowing that your company is prepared for growth with a comprehensive IoT scaling strategy. Join our Global Scaling webinar to learn of the issues and solutions to IoT growth.

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